‘Captain Marvel’ Is Glowing in NEW Trailer!

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“Everything begins with HER!”

Congrats nerds you have made it through yet again another trailer drop during sports to catch the new trailer for Captain Marvel! While the first trailer set a f*!king amazing and goosebumps giving mood, the second trailer for the March 2019 release answers some questions about who Carol Danvers is and was! In case you were not watching a football game tonight, check out the trailer below..

“Would you like to know, what you really are?”

GOD DAMNIT, I literally don’t know if I have been more excited for anything in my life and have you read my Game of Thrones posts?

First off we now know for sure that that old lady on the train was a bad lady! We also learned several things that fans have been predicting since the release of the trailer.

But there are two things that stuck out to be and the importance of Captain Marvel to the future (and past of the MCU). First is the new tagline that is pops up in the middle of the trailer, “everything begins with her” which then turns into “everything begins with a hero.” I will never not cry when I see “her” change into “hero” – bravo Marvel that is simply magic! Okay, yea this film takes place in the ‘9os so in theory that is true but how will the origin story of Captain Marvel shape everything we saw in the past 10 years. The second thing that I noticed was when Captain Marvel made the simple statement “I’m not going to flight your war. I’m going to end it.” Ummm do you think we will see a repeat of that line what Carol Danvers comes face to face with Thanos?

Other amazing things that happened in the trailer that got me pumped: Brie Larson spoke, LOVING the dynamic between Carol and Fury, I know that he is Mar-Vell but I can’t help but think that there is something up with that guy and not in a good way, and the official debut of Goose (not Chewie).

In addition to the glowing trailer – hello helmet rocking Captain Marvel – we also got a new glowing poster, check it out below…

So Carol Corps how do we feel about this new trailer?

Captain Marvel hits theaters March 2019!

Feature image via Marvel Studios

Kait Calabrò

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