‘Schitt’s Creek’ – Home to the Best Family on Television

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It’s been a rough year and it’s been easy to escape into the world of supernatural shows and fantasy worlds to escape that. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve been a great aid getting through the days and I’m happy to redip my toe into those waters again. But recently, I binged a comedy that focused on a family that found happiness after they believed they hit rock bottom and I couldn’t be in love with them more. The show is called Schitt’s Creek and it has endeared me to the Rose family and the townspeople of Schitt’s Creek.

If you haven’t seen the show yet, let me give a quick rundown of the family. The Roses consist of Johnny ( a former video store magnate), Moira (a former soap opera star), David (the eldest adult child that has a keen sense of refined tastes), and Alexis (the younger adult child that was a socialite living off her looks and contacts). They were insanely wealthy until their business manager ended up not paying their taxes and the government repossessed practically everything they owned except the town of Schitt’s Creek which Johnny bought as a joke for his son. The Rose family moves into two rooms in the rundown motel of the town and try, well not so well at first, to adapt to truly small town living.

The series starts off with the family trying desperately to get out of the town. Johnny tries his best to sell the town even though the locals try to show the charm to him. Moira parades around in her designer best and her wigs even though everyone in town embraces a comfier (and cheesier) approach to life. David begrudgingly begins to befriend the motel clerk, Stevie, whose wit starts to break down his barriers. And Alexis throws herself into parties without a care, growing attached to two men in town that are nothing like what she was used to in high society but teach her to trust herself.

As the show goes on, the Rose family realizes that they won’t be leaving this town anytime soon and must start to make somewhat liveable lives for themselves. In doing this, they start to plant roots into Schitt’s Creek. This is where the show which made me laugh at the antics of high culture vs blue collar life, started to surprise me with how much I started to care for the Rose family and their growth. At distinct milestones in their lives, I cheered like they were part of my immediate family. When David and Alexis both found people who truly accepted them for who they were as people, I cried like a baby and hugged my dogs. As they stood up for the town and cemented their names into it, my heart swelled. In the moments where the Roses became a better family to each other and show how much they love each other, I actually wanted to be adopted by them.

I mean, how could you not love them? Johnny gets his hands dirty to save the motel not just for his family’s sake but for Stevie. Moira, who originally thought she was too good for everyone, realizes she’s come to love the time she spends with the townswomen in the singing group, the Jazzigals. David (an openly Pansexual character) not only successfully starts his own business but finds love with Patrick, despite feeling that he would never be loved for who he was. And Alexis finds love but when she loses it, she realizes she actually needs to embrace loving herself and in turn, gains her education and starts her own communications firm.


But it isn’t just the Roses that I’ve become attached to. Stevie, a former loner in town, becomes attached to the Roses despite her best efforts and starts to believe in herself more thanks to being welcomed into the Rose family. Plus, her sarcasm is hilarious. Rolland and Jocelyn Schitt, the town’s unofficial mom and dad, are extremely hokey, but you can’t help but love their goofiness and the fact that they would give the shirts off of their backs for anyone in Schitt’s Creek. There’s Ted, the adorable Veterinarian, who loves Alexis just as much as he loves a good pun. Patrick, the business advisor, who sweeps David off his feet and melts everyone with his rendition of Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best.” And there’s Twyla, the owner of the seemingly only cafe in town, who might not be the brightest bulb but is the sweetest and has a smile for everyone.

On top of the amazing writing on this show that can make me laugh one second and tear up the next, the entire cast needs to be commended for truly bringing these colorful characters to life. I couldn’t imagine watching this show with anyone else in these roles.

You can binge all 4 seasons on Netflix now. The 5th season will premiere on Pop on Wednesday, January 16. And the Christmas special will be on Pop, December 19.

If you’re already a fan of the series, you can grab tickets to their Up Close and Personal tour right now.

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