Kevin Feige Confirms That Thanos is Even Worse Than we Thought

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In devastating news, Kevin Feige confirmed an outcome of Thanos snapping his fingers that I truly didn’t want to know or even think about.

Half of ALL LIFE was wiped out during the outcome of Avengers: Infinity War. Yes, that means animals were wiped out. Feige confirmed this during an interview with Birth.Movies.Death. In my head I imagine Feige cackling while stating this fact. He’s worse than Thanos right now.

Thankfully this is a movie and we’re all pretty positive that Thanos heinous act will be reversed. But could you imagine if our beloved Avengers and company had to lose their beloved pets?



My princess 😍 #mydogsbetterthanyours

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Excuse me while I go and cry at the thought of half of all the good animals disappearing. Although according to that test that was floating around the internet a while ago, Thanos would have gotten rid of me so I wouldn’t have had to witness that.

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