So Let’s Chat About the Final Moments of ‘Westworld’ Season 2…

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Season 2 | Episode 10 | The Passenger

The finale of the second season of Westworld finally delivered after a season of multiple timelines and a lot of questions. In the final moments of the episode the third season is set up real nicely…

…that is until that post credit scene which left us like, “damnit, Westworld! Why can’t we have one nice thing?”

Let’s break down the final moments of the season finale below.

Hello Halelores

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So just when we thought Bernard put a stop to Dolores, it turns out that he can’t just let her go! After watching Hale kill Elsie, Bernard sets forth – whether he knows it or not at the time, it is hard to tell cause his mind seems to always be scrambled – a new timeline to help kill humans! Yep see even though Bernard killed Dolores in the Forge, he (not Ford) makes the decision to build a copy of Hale’s body and place a mind pearl thing inside the new host. So of course Dolores/Hale kills the real Hale and has been posing as Hale since Bernard has been picked up on the beach in episode one. Vanity Fair breaks down all the clues that lead to this reveal, check out the write up here!

Dolores/Hale, or how the world now refers to her as Halelores, kills Bernard and the rest of the humans in Forge before leaving the park with a designer bag filled with five mind pearl things.

Side-Note: snaps for Ashley Stubbs! That moment may actually be my favorite of the episode!

But just like how Bernard can not rid himself of Dolores, Dolores can not rid herself of Bernard. Back at Arnold’s home, Dolores rebuilds her body and from her memory rebuilds Bernard. Dolores explains that even though they will always oppose each other they need each other to make sure their kind lives on. Dolores and Hale (though we are not sure who is inside Hale) leave the Arnold’s home and head out into the real world leaving Bernard behind to explore his new world.

So who did Dolores bring with her and who is in Hale?

I think it is safe to assume that we are done with Teddy who Dolores insured got peace in the Valley Beyond. But I would not be surprised if Dolores’ sidekick, Angela, was in control of Hale’s host body.

The real question is, did Maeve make it into Halelores bag or will she be set to start another inside the park rebellion?


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I literally have no clue how William aka The Man in Black actually survived this season! And don’t let the whole elevator sequence confuses you, Westworld wants to make it clear (it is stated in the official synopsis of the episode) that the post-credit scene takes place “in the far future.” But what we learned in the post-credit scene is that William/Man in Black has been living in his personal hell loop for what we can only assume has been a long time.

The Man in Black enters the Forge, which we now find in ruins, and is greeted by his daughter Emily (well host version of Emily cause human Emily is definitely dead) and of course his first reaction is,  “Ah f*!k. I knew it. I’m already in the thing, aren’t I?”

Emily though makes it clear, “This isn’t a simulation. This is your world. Or what’s left of it.”

So even though it seemed that for most of the season William was on a quest to make sure no one lived forever, it turns out that after he gets off that beach he changes his mind. Though he keeps failing his loop and no matter what always ends up killing his daughter thus why Emily greets him just like how we learned earlier in the episode that Delos could not let go of Logan. See humans can’t change their code.

It seems only fitting that we end this season with another fidelity test.

So going into season three we should be dealing with two timelines? Maybe? Who the hell knows but I am excited to see what the third season will have in store!

Westworld will return for a third season on HBO! 

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