ICYMI: The ‘Stranger Things’ Universe is Expanding with Books

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Netflix knows fans are dying for the next season of 80’s kids fighting monsters from another dimension so they’ve partnered up with Penguin Random House to launch a new line of books inspired by the series.

The first two books will arrive in the U.S. and the UK this Fall with the third being released the following Spring.

First in the series is  Stranger Things: World Turned Upside Down: The Official Behind the Scenes Companion. It’s pretty explanatory but will be a book any fan will want to devour. The second book does not have a title yet but is being promoted by the publisher as a book aimed at young readers offering “advice, wisdom, and warnings from the Stranger Things world.”

But it’s the third book in the series that actually has me excited. No offense to the other two but the internet has sort of filled that need. Author Gwenda Bond (Cirque AmericanaLois LaneBlackwood) will tell the story of Eleven’s mother as she underwent the MKUltra experiments. While season two touched on this a bit from Eleven’s experience, it will be interesting to get a front row seat to what happened to earlier subjects and the beginnings of Hawkins National Laboratory descent into the paranormal.

Don’t worry, more books are slated to be released but they are further down the pipeline so we don’t have much information besides the fact that they should be released in 2019 and are meant for young readers. Just because they are meant for young readers doesn’t mean you can’t pick them up and enjoy them!

What stories would you hope to see explored in book form?

When will we see the gang on our screens again? Netflix still hasn’t given an official date but the show should return in 2019.

Source: SyFy / Feature Image Credit: Netflix

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