Sentiments From Sweetwater – ‘Westworld’ S2 Ep4 “The Riddle of the Sphinx” Recap!

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Season 2 | Episode 4 | The Riddle of the Sphinx

Welcome to my Sentiments from Sweetwater a weekly break down of what is actually happening inWestworld but more important what we are all thinking is actually happening in Westworld!

The Recap

This maybe my favorite episode of Westworld so far! Though I do love Maeve, it was nice to get a break from Dolores. She is just too much sometimes.

Anyway let’s get to the weird The Men in Black aka William flashbacks – now this episode is filled with flashbacks but we pretty much are dealing with the same timeline the whole time so YAY! James Delos seems to be going about his morning routine when he spills some coffee. He is then informed he had a visitor, enter William (Jimmi Simpson). So Delos just has to do a “baseline interview” and “the observation period is almost over.” William shares with his father in law that they have been having the same conversation and that he is not stable enough to leave the facility.

Flash forward to a little older William – but still Jimmi – who is now doing the exact same interview with his father in law. Though this time we learn that Delos did not recover and has been dead for several years now. William also tells Delos that his wife has also passed away and this news causes Delos to glitch. Time to start over, William literally “terminates” his father in law!

Now we are decades later and William is now the Man in Black who informs his father in law that, yea this ain’t going to work – people should not live forever. If that was not enough of a blow, William informs Delos that this is the 149th time they tried to bring him back, his beloved daughter – Juliette – killed herself, and Logan died of an overdose. But don’t worry William is still spending that Delos money! William leaves the distraught Delos behind in his apartment but instructs the tech not to terminate because they can “observe his degradation.”

The Man in Black shot up another village and saved Lawrence…again – didn’t we already see this?

Meanwhile we get an update on the Mystery Woman from the last episode. She has been taken back to a camp by The Ghost Nation and joins other guests including Stubbs who has observed that The Ghost Nation is only killing the hosts not humans – interesting! When The Ghost Nation takes the hostages to a new location, The Mystery Woman is able to escape!

The most important thing that happened with The Man in Black is that will he was riding with Lawrence and the Las Mudas onto the next stop on his tour they come across the Mystery Woman who is riding horseback towards them. When she reaches the group she looks The Man in Black straight in the eye and says, “Hi, Dad.” WHAT! YAS!

In a different part of the park, Clementine is done dragging Bernard and leaves him in the dust at the entrance to a cave. To Bernard’s surprise he finds Elsie inside. Though Elsie was not happy to see Bernard since he is the one that locked her up in there! After going into a seizure like state, Bernard has no choice but to reveal what he really is to Elsie. After he recovers, Elsie says he needs cortical fluid soon if he wants to survive. Bernard also tells Elsie that when he brought her there that he was under the control of Ford but now he is in control of himself.

Elsie also gets caught up on all the BS that is currently happening in the park!

Bernard, remembers that he has been in this cave before and finds a way into the secret lab – according to it is the same one from episode 1 – and once inside they find the place filled with dead techs!

Behind a locked door they find the “apartment” of a very deteriorated James Delos. Delos attacks Elsie and Bernard fights him off. Elsie than terminates Delos. Elsie puts the pieces together, Delos (the company), “printed his body and copied his developed mind onto a control unit like our hosts.” WHAT THE F*!K!

During his flash back memories to when he was last at the lab, he remembers that Ford sent him there to print another human control unit but he cant remember who. He also remembers that he was the one that ordered all the techs to be killed in the lab but he doesn’t tell Elsie that!

Theories & Predictions

My first thing, who the hell is controlling the weather in the parks with no one in control? Is there a preset, is it natural? SOMEONE TELL ME!

Still very interested in what is going on with The Ghost Nation. They are clearly under no control. I am excited and very very scared to see what their end game is.

So we all think that Ford made a printed body of himself right?

Also the reason for all the guest DNA is because people want to live forever? So how does this all tie into Peter Abernathy?

Westworld airs on Sundays at 9 PM on HBO! 

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