Sentiments From Sweetwater – ‘Westworld’ S2 Ep3 “Virtù e Fortuna” Recap!

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Season 2 | Episode 3 | Virtù e Fortuna

Welcome to my Sentiments from Sweetwater a weekly break down of what is actually happening inWestworld but more important what we are all thinking is actually happening in Westworld!

The Recap

The episode opens with a look at a different park inside Delos based off British Colonial India. After we watch a couple question each others humanity, lets just say there was guns and sex, we found out just how that Bengal tiger got across the boarder. As far as the “mysterious woman,” well she probably should have taken her luck with the tiger because she comes across the Ghost Nation who capture her!

We then pick up the part of the story that features Karl Strand, Bernard, and company who even though are told it is “a slaughterhouse in there” enter HQ through the train tunnel. Once inside the group is greeted by Charlotte Hale who is surprised to see Bernard still kicking though either one has been able to get their hands on Peter Abernathy!

We now flashback to about a week or so earlier. Hale and Bernard have made it out of that underground lab thing and are on the hunt for Peter Abernathy. The two find him being held captive. Hale and Bernard almost had their hands on good old Pete but then Confederados show up and grab Peter and Bernard as Hale drives off on a horse.

Meanwhile, Dolores is planning for battle and finds herself working with Colonel Brigham at Fort Forlorn Hope. Dolores makes a deal with Brigham that if he and his men join her in the fight he can take all the weapons.

Later that night, Dolores is surprised to see her father and Bernard being brought in by Confederados. Dolores frees her father and sends Bernard to jail. Though after Dolores realizes her father needs help, she has Bernard take a look at Peter. Bernard discovers that Peter is bouncing between old storylines and of course the source of the malfunction is due to the encryption that Hale is trying to get out of the park. Of course Dolores realizes this as well. When Dolores questions Bernard and the fact that he actually has never left the park Bernard states, “I was given a character, a story, and a function to serve. Like you.”

In the morning, the Fort is ready for battle. With explosives buried the Hosts are ready for QA to bring it! Though Dolores is thrown off when she sees two QAs taking her father after storming in and scaring Bernard who flees. Dolores goes after her father but it is shot two times as Hale escapes with Peter. The battle outside is not going so well so Dolores orders her hosts back into the fort. With the door locked Brigham realizes that Dolores double crossed him! With one shot from Angela the explosives go off ending the battle.

Dolores orders Teddy to execute the remaining men but as she watches from the shadows she witnesses Teddy let them go not able to pull the trigger. Oh poor sweet Teddy, I have a feeling your days are numbered!

Off in another part of the park, the best part of the show is watching Maeve and Lee together. The journey continues for Maeve’s daughter but when Maeve, Lee, and Hector run into the Ghost Nation who seem to not be responding to Maeve’s commands the trio head underground.

Lee is thrown off track both in a physical sense and an emotional sense. Both Maeve and Hector were both written to be loners. And Hector was only suppose to love Isabella! Maeve continues to prove to be the smartest person/host (though I think after last week Logan is now looking like the smart one in that timeline!) and figures out that Lee wrote Hector in his image – of the man he wishes he was – and once had an Isabella who did not die but simply left him!

The trio then witness a QA running down the hall on fire, cue Armistice with a flamethrower! Armistice leads the trio to a lab where they find Felix and Sylvester. The now party of six heads back above ground.

The Party of Six continues to be lost and now it is freaking snowing! Lee discovers a severed head and starts Kermit running towards the group as a samurai emerges from the shadows!

I have a feeling that they maybe kind of far from the homestead!

Theories & Predictions

I really have no clue at this point!

I am just happy we lived in pretty much one timeline this week and we had no young and old William – I really hate that dude!

Also where the hell is Elsie Hughes?

And what is up with the Ghost Nation, besides being scary. Something is going on there, is this Ford’s handy work?

This now ends the random thoughts section of this post!

Westworld airs on Sundays at 9 PM on HBO! 

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