Jonesy is Ready to Share His Side of the Story from ‘Alien’ in New Book

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In news that is absolutely adorable, we’re going to get a new perspective of what happened on the doomed Nostromo. Since we already know what Lt. Ellen Ripley had to endure, that leaves us with none other than the furry ginger, Jonesy. Jonesy hissed in the fear of Xenomorph danger, was frozen for the longest cat nap ever, and made it into the sequel.

Image via Titan Books

Author Rory Lucey will take us into Jonesy’s world in the upcoming full-colored illustrated book, Jonesy: Nine Lives on the Nostromo. Will Jonesy care that the whole ship is getting massacred? Or that the food bowl isn’t getting filled? Or think that the Xenomorph drools way more than a dog?

Here is the official synopsis:

Aboard the USCSS Nostromo, Jonesy leads a simple life enjoying The Company cat food and chasing space rodents. Until one day, his cryostasis catnap is rudely interrupted. The humans have a new pet and it’s definitely not housetrained.”

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Titan Books will release the book on October 16.

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