It Took 55 Days to Film ONE BATTLE for ‘Game of Thrones’ S8

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Will Winter fall at Winterfell…?

It is hard to believe that we still have give or take a WHOLE YEAR until we travel back to Westeros but that has not stopped fans from coming up with theories and searching every corner of the internet for spoilers for the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones. And finding spoilers has become easier these days which the series is currently filming.

Though one would think that a longtime assistant director…I will leave them nameless because…

…Would know better to post anything on social media about the production. Though since posting this photo this nameless person has deleted the post and made all accounts private but HELLO if we have learned anything from the past couple weeks worth of news (ooooooh topical) anything on the internet pretty much stays on the internet! Enough with me just talking about the post take a look…

Oops, this name is in the post! Sorry Jonathan!

Any who, Game of Thrones has broken it’s own record! Battle of Bastards took 25 days to film and was the longest battle to film in history but it looks like whatever they just filmed for 55 days will be even more epic than that and I mean is should be with it being the final season. And though we should give credit to the amazing crew that has and is currently working on Game of Thrones the record 55 days is not what we are all taking about!

What the hell is this battle? If history have proven itself we can assume that this battle will be feature toward the end of the final season but probably not the final episode and yes you may find the “This is for the Night Dragons” interesting that is probably just the cute unit name for the crew though let’s me real this battle is happening in the north!

And thus begins the theories…

As we all know the Starks rule in the North in a little castle call Winterfell. Many believe that Winterfell got it’s name following the Battle for the Dawn which featured the one and only (for now) Azor Ahai (you know the Prince That Was Promised who will be reborn and it is either going to be Jon – it is going to be Jon – or Daenerys).  During the Battle of the Dawn, Azor Ahai defeated the White Walkers and people (you know people you and me – there are not Game of Thrones history classes yet!) believe that Winterfell was built upon the location of the battle. You get it because Winter Fell there!

So it will only make sense that this battle that too 55 days to shoot will be Battle of the Dawn 2.0 and could feature a Night Dragon, a Night King, and one Prince That Was Promised.

Now of course it could not go in favor of the living…Winterfell could also mean that winter literally fell onto the living but that is not a world that I want to live in – so nope!

It should also me noted that though there are still a lot of people out there rooting for Daenerys to be the Prince That Was Promised…Emilia Clarke (though still rocking blonde locks) has been spotted in England recently and no where near a battle ground. I mean I am pretty sure this is kind a big battle but who am I to know what is going on!

So how will winter fell in the final season of Game of Thrones? Who the hell knows we still have a year of waiting to do!

Kait Calabrò

Kait Calabrò

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