Marvel Releases A New ‘Infinity War’ Trailer and We Have Predictions!

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I hope they remember you…”

So the new Avengers: Infinity War trailer dropped on Friday and I am sure you have all watched it close to 10 times since like myself. But just incase this is your first time ever hearing about Infinity War check out the trailer below!

At this point we pretty much know the basics of the film’s plot – there will of course be some surprises – but let’s get official before I start breaking hearts with the synopsis:

The Avengers and their allies must be willing to sacrifice all in an attempt to defeat the powerful Thanos before his blitz of devastation and ruin puts an end to the universe.

Since there is not much more or new I can say about the trailer that has not already been mentioned, let’s predict some sh*t we think will go down in Infinity War!

Daddy Issues

If anyone knows what Thanos really wants it would be his adopted (or you know a child he kidnapped and turned into a solider) daughter, Gamora. Gamora breaks down that Thanos ultimate goal is to “wipe out half the universe.” Once he gets all the Infinity Stones, his dream will come true. The only thing standing in his way, the damn Avengers who have two believed to be three stones in their possession.

Though, Thanos seems to be one mean son of a gun – the purple dude seems to have a soft spot for Gamora. Will their dysfunctional relationship work in favor of the Avengers or Thanos? We will just have to wait and find out!

When Bucky Meets Steve

This movie is going to be SO DRAMATIC and intense. I mean there was literally only two funny parts in the trailer! So the one thing that will bring the MCU together is showing the reunion of Marvel’s greatest love story to date – Bucky “Winter Solider” Barnes and Steve “Captain America” Rodgers. It better be freaking magical! And if the internet is correct, one of the recently released stills may have captured the exact moment Steve sees Bucky again…

I mean have you ever seen Cap more at peace!?

Loki Sits With the Bad Kids Now

So I am really hoping that Infinity War will finally answer the question, “is Loki a bad guy?” I am getting real sick of this back and forth with Loki being kind of good and then like really awful!

Well the only shot we got of Loki in the trailer is him standing with the Children of Thanos – who are like all SUPER bad. After the first trailer dropped it was pretty clear that Loki hands over the tesseract after Thanos attacks the ship the remaining Asgadians are on. Now sure Loki could be being held captive by Thanos for information or Loki, yet again, could see that the Avengers don’t have a shot at defeating this guy and form a new alliance – wouldn’t be the first time Loki did something like this!

JUST TELL ME IF HE IS A BAD GUY! I am sick of these mixed emotions!


Since Infinity War and the Unnamed Avengers Film (perviously Infinity War Part 2) were announced I believed this meant some of the OG Avengers were going to have to die. I have been mentally preparing for the death of Steve “Captain America” Rodgers since Civil War. And no matter when it happens my heart is going to break, I know it is going to happen and I think Cap will go before Tony “Iron Man” Stark and this exchange did not help my gut feeling.

Marvel has taken some heat for playing it safe and not filling off any of their main character – Quicksilver does not count! And now I don’t think people are actually ready to see an Avenger go. But to move the stories of the new characters along I for sure think Captain America has to die. Captain America is one to retire and he is someone that will go down with his ship.

I can’t believe I am predicting the death of Steve but I am. How will me heart go on?

Oh, I think Vision will die. That is all on that topic.

The End is Near…”

…Ain’t that the truth!

Avengers: Infinity War hits theater April 27th! 

Kait Calabrò

Kait Calabrò

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