Let’s Talk ‘Justice League’ After That NYCC Official Heroes Trailer

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First thing first, it’s pretty obvious that Wonder Woman will be the saving grace of this movie. Her solo movie was the only one to redeem the DC franchise after the failures that succeeded the successful Nolan Knight trilogy. But I’m also worried that this movie will turn the Amazon goddess into nothing more than a trope of a woman dealing with men who think they know everything. Part of the heart of the Patty Jenkins movie was that despite seeing men being well, men, Diana brushed it off with an innocent ignorance that seemed to rattle men. This trailer seems to show Diana has grown accustomed to bullheaded men and just deals with it while kicking ass her own way.

So much smiling. This trailer has quite a lot of smiling which we haven’t seen very much from a DC movie. And it’s offputting? I understand DC is trying to adopt the vibe from Marvel movies, and I think the DC franchise definitely needs an injection of that but the seriousness of the films has been so cemented in my brain that I don’t know how to take the fun. Will the movie make it work?

Parademons. They look like a mixture of Terminator and Pennywise.

Superman as the titular savior. I know, I know. He’s Superman, the greatest superhero. But he’s never been a comic hero that’s been in my top lists. He hasn’t suffered like other heroes or trained as hard. It’s obvious he’ll make a grand return in this movie, probably just in time to save the Justice League. Although I truly hope it’s him actually joining them to defeat Steppenwolf as a team, thus solidifying the need for an actual league. It would piss me off if this movie was some weird allegory for needing an all-powerful man to save the day.

The forecast calls for Red Skies. The coloring of red skies started in the comic crossover event, Crisis on Infinite Earths. It has been used since then to always signify that things are pretty f*cked within the DC universe. But it doesn’t seem to bother our heroes. Red sky, blue sky, one fish, two fish. It’s all the same to them.

Speaking of fish… I understand everyone was going gaga over Aquaman in the early teasers that showed Aquaman quenching his thirst while making everyone else thirsty. Completely understandable. But the more I hear his one-liners, the more I wish Aquaman could only communicate with fish. Now, this might just be a product of trying to make Aquaman cool, especially in the trailers. Also, I think this movie could truly redeem itself if we see Aquaman ride a dolphin.

Cyborg, Cyborg, where art thou? Seriously, why has Cyborg been getting the short end of the stick? He’s barely in the teasers and he’s just a bunch of snippets in this trailer. He’s a pretty well-known character. Plus, a major member of the Justice League. Show me more of him! Flash and Aquaman get more talking lines in the trailer than him.

The Flash is basically the hyperactive child of Batman and Wonder Woman. Don’t argue with me on this. You all watched that scene where Bruce and Diana share a sort of paternal look over Flash getting excited over seeing the Bat signal light up the sky. I’m not usually a huge fan of Ezra Miller’s work (no offense Miller) but he does give me some hope that he’ll stay true to the juvenile joking that I grew to love when watching the animated Justice League series. That’s something that TV Flash seems to be missing.

I am the Sad Man, I mean the Dark Knight. Papa Batman is a lone Bat for sure but he truly seems to be annoyed to be in this movie working with this team he helps put together. Also, why is he so sentimental about Superman? Like Bruce get your shit together and protect the world. You had a contingency plan to weaken Superman if the need arose and now your all weepy he is gone like you were friends for years. Is he going through a midlife crisis in this movie? And will he punch out Aquaman? Especially after he lands on his super expensive car.

Will I see this movie after everything I wrote? Yes, yes I will. Curiosity will drag me to that theater to see if I will stand with these heroes or not. But once again, Aquaman riding a dolphin will make the price of admission worth it for me. So listen up, DC.

Justice League hits theaters on November 17, 2017.

Monica Piluso

Monica Piluso

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