‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 After Thoughts…

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The hiatus is dark and full of terrors

So our watch has officially begun as we wait for Game of Thrones season 8 but the season 7 finale (read the full recap here!) did leave us with some questions to ponder on in the meantime…

Let’s discuss!

Is Ginger Wildling and Magic Eyepatch Alive?

Though I have NO CLUE how Tormund and Beric survived the fall of the Wall, according to the official synopsis for the episode:”Pieces of the Wall begin to collapse, as Tormund and his wildings rush to safety.” And since there was a lack of post death interviews with the actors, it seems that they are both alive! Plus someone has to run ahead and warn the world…though pretty sure the dragon will make it to Winterfell before Tormund and Beric.

Why was Tyrion creepin’?

So, we all noticed Tyrion very oddly hanging out outside Dany’s room after Jon Snow entered. This caused many theories to pop up all over the internet.

1 – Tyrion Lannister is in love with Daenerys Targaryen (I mean who doesn’t fall in love with this girl) and is very jealous of Jon Snow. This moment will begin his plotting to destroy Jon. Sure, this is possible. Cersei even said it earlier, Dany is Tyrion’s type of woman. And yes, Tyrion probably does love her but I don’t really believe he is jealous of Jon. I like to live in a world where they respect each other.

2- Tyrion is not pleased by the fact that the two fall in love so fast. Dany is literally the most eligible bachelorette in Westeros. Though an alliance with Jon and the North is important, a marriage was never brought up. Queens do not typically marry for love, so it is possible that Tyrion is not happy about losing the potential of securing another alliance. This can also be folded into the moment I mentioned in my recap when Dany’s head advisers come to realize how much influence Jon has on Dany. Not only are Jon and Dany working together on the battlefield but they are also working together in the bedroom! This theory makes a wee bit more sense but really does Westeros make sense?

Follow up, what else happened at that meeting?

But maybe the real reason Tyrion is creepin’ has something to do with his meeting with his sister. I mean do we really think that the meeting ended with Tyrion and Cersei talking about baby names? HELL NO! There was more to that meeting and some people on the internet point out there is some proof in the books that Tyrion actually made a deal with his sister.

Tyrion flat out admits to not wanting to destroy his family and Dany is proving to be a handful…so…could a betrayal be coming in season 8?

Is Cersei really pregnant?

Though I think it is very unlikely that Cersei will actually have the baby because hello, the prophecy! I am starting to believe that she is not faking being pregnant. It was not until she actually let Jaime walk out the door that I believed her.

She would only let Jaime leave her if she knew a new Lannister was on its way…

The love story that started a rebellion…

So now we all know and believe that R+L=J! We also know that Lyanna was not kidnapped and raped by Rhaegar but that they fell in love and ran away with one another. And though I adore this Helen of Troy story, you know what would have saved a lot of lives – including their own – if they sent a damn raven saying that they were in love and ran away!

I mean if they did that then we wouldn’t have Game of Thrones…so.

I can talk about Rhaegar and Lyanna all day but I will spare you all.

Who the hell is Aegon Targaryen?

Well, the simple answer is Aegon Targaryen is Jon Snow, Jon Snow is Aegon Targaryen.

But the more complex answer is that Jon Snow was named after Aegon I Targaryen aka Aegon the Conqueror aka Aegon the Dragon. Aegon I was the very first King to sit on the Iron Throne and ruler of all six kingdoms. He took Westeros with his dragons, two wives (who were his sisters), and created the House Targaryen!

So Jon has a lot to live up to.

Another interesting fact is that Jon/Aegon is Rhaegar’s second son and the second son named Aegon. Rhaegar and Elia Martell named their son Aegon because Rhaegar believed “what better name for a king?”

Now, this is interesting because many people are questioning how Rhaegar could dismiss Elia Martell and his two children. Some are even suggesting that Rhaegar took Lyanna as a second wife but the fact that Rhaegar named Jon, Aegon proves to me that he only wanted Lynna as his wife and Jon/Aegon as his heir. It is a hard reality but love, man.

And how are Jon and Dany related?

Dany is Jon’s aunt. Jon is Dany’s nephew.

Wait, what can Bran really see?

So I always thought that the Three-Eyed Raven represented the past, present, and future. But during the finale, Bran told Sam that he can see the past and the present in all the world…

…But why didn’t he mention that he could see the future? We all know Bran can see the future thus him knowing about the Army of the Dead. Also, why did Sam have to tell Bran to look for Lyanna and Rhaegar?

UGH! Being, the Three-Eyed Raven is confusing!

Where the hell is Ghost?

Thanks a lot Ghost for getting me NO POINTS in my fantasy league! Even Nymeria showed up!

So how long do we have to wait for season 8?

Well, that is the question. It is possible that we will not get the final season of Game of Thrones until 2019! But I did do some math last week and I think, if the production team worked really hard, the series could return 2018!

And those possible prequels?

So four possible prequels are currently in development over at HBO which is SUPER exciting! But with that being said if any of the new series, it is possible that none of the series get picked up, they will not be hitting the TV screen until a year after the final season airs according to HBO programming president Casey Bloys.

Game of Thrones will return at some point for the final season!

Kait Calabrò

Kait Calabrò

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