‘Game Of Thrones’ S7 Finale “The Dragon and the Wolf” Recap: The Great War is HERE!

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Season 7 | Episode 7 | “The Dragon and the Wolf”

He’s the heir to the Iron Throne.”

The final episode of the seventh season answered so many questions but also left us with some. Mainly when the HELL is season 8 going to air!

So let’s not waste any time and recap this shit!

The Dragonpit

Jaime and Bronn watch from the King’s Landing battlements as the Unsullied and Dothraki surround the capital. A handful of Targaryen ships make their way into the harbor, on board is Jon, Tyrion, and crew. The Hound checks on the wight below deck.

Once off the ship, the Targaryen party are greeted by Bronn with Brienne and Podrick in tow who arrived before everyone else. Bronn escorts the group to the dragonpit – an arena where the Targaryens kept their dragons – where the sit-down meeting will go down between the two Queens and the King in the North. Bronn, Pod, and Tyrion reminisce about the days they all fought together on the same side. Brienne chats with The Hound, who has no hard feelings, about Arya – who is safe in Winterfell and a badass killer!

Cersei enters the arena with her crew including The Mountain. Cersei is not too pleased to see that Daenerys has not arrived yet. The Hound takes this opportunity to confront his zombie brother. The Hound reminds him that he is coming for him.

Daenerys comes flying in on the back of Drogon. Not impressed by her entrance, Cersei would like to start the conversation. And so begins the best presentation in Westeros history. Though Tyrion does not get very far when Euron interrupts mocking both Theon and Tyrion. Euron is directed back to his seat and Jon takes over the presentation opening with this (of course), “there is only one war that matters: the Great War. And it is here.” Then out comes The Hound with a crate on his back.

It took some effort but the wight springs out of the crate and heads right towards Cersei.

The Hound pulls the chain back and Jon demonstrates how one would kill a wight/White Walker. Fire and dragonglass – though Jon never mentions how White Walkers can be killed using Valyrian steel or if you kill a White Walker you kill all the wights it made. Euron Greyjoy is not having it! After learning that the wights can’t swim he advises Dany to go back to her island, “when winter’s over, we’ll be the only ones left alive.”

Cersei accepts the truce on one condition – The King in the North must stay in the North and cannot choose a side. Jon, being the son of Ned Stark, states he cannot serve two queens especially since he has pledged himself to Daenerys. Well, no deal! Cersei leaves the dragonpit and everyone is pissed at Jon!

Poor Jon, just trying to do the right thing!

To clean up this mess, Tyrion decides to meet with his sister privately!

Two Lions

Tyrion makes the long walk to Cersei’s private chambers. Before entering the room he passes his brother who thinks it would be best if they say their goodbyes now…

Tyrion enters the room and Cersei mocks him right away stating that Daenerys is his type of woman, foreign and doesn’t know her place. Tyrion admits that he is heartbroken over the loss of Myrcella and Tommen, who he loved very much, but Cersei is not having it. Though Tyrion taunts his sister into killing him she is unable to give the order. Tyrion does not want to hurt his family and hopes they can work together but yes, he believes in Dany and the world she is going to build.

Cersei admits that the wight scared her but the only thing she could think about was protecting her family. In that moment Tyrion notices that Cersei is pregnant!

Meanwhile, Dany and Jon have a private chat in the dragonpit. Dany admits that the building of this arena represents the decline of her family. And of course, Dany brings up that she can’t have children…again…and Jon asks who told her this information. After learning the source was a witch, Jon thinks she may not be the most reliable source.

Tyrion re-enters the arena with Cersei not far behind. Cersei agrees to help fight the Army of the Dead hoping that after the Great War is over they will remember her commitment.


Back at Dragonstone, Jon, Dany, and company plan their trip to the North. Jorah makes a comment that he thinks Dany should fly to Winterfell, there are many North lords and bannermen that fought on the side of Robert and would love to take down a Targaryen. Though Jon quickly disagrees, Dany should sail with him because that will show the Northerners that there is an alliance between the two houses. Dany agrees, she is coming to save the North not conquer it. They will sail together!

A tense chill falls across the room as Dany’s head advisers witness how much influence Jon Snow now has over their Queen…

The Redemption Tour of Theon Greyjoy

UGH! I am literally so sick of Theon and even more sick over the fact that we are like forced to feel sorry for this piece of poop!

Theon approaches Jon and asks to speak to him in private and for some reason – probably because Jon Snow is like the best human ever – allows this. Theon is baffled by how Jon always does the right thing, even when they were young. Theon also confesses that he always felt conflicted between being a Greyjoy and a Stark. Jon, because he is a good man, tells Theon he didn’t and doesn’t have to choose, he can be both a Greyjoy and Stark. Theon carries the memory of Ned Stark with him and for what Jon can forgive he does.

Theon realizes, after being mocked by his uncle in the dragonpit, that he has to go save his sister because she never gave up on him. Theon approaches the remaining Greyjoys, who are ready to find an island to wait out the winter, to ask them to help him save Yara. After actually killing the scary Harrag in a fight, Theon and the remaining Greyjoys sail off to find and save Yara!

Keep on Walking…

Jaime is going over plans to move the Lannister forces North with the Lannister generals with Cersei walks in. The generals exit and Cersei insults Jaime for being so stupid. Her commitment to fighting along side the Targaryen and Stark forces in the Great War was a lie. Let the monsters fight one another and they will just wait it out and take back the lands they lost. Jaime is shocked, either way, the Army of the Dead or the Targaryen/Stark armies will come after them. But Cersei believes she is prepared, informing her brother/lover that Euron is really off to Essos to collect the Golden Company, an army of mercenaries Cersei hired.

Jaime is now even more shocked and upset that Cersei kept military plans from him. Jaime plans to keep his promise and walks out of the room and turns his back on Cersei!

SNAPS JAIME, it is about time you realize that your loyalty and love for Cersei is not returned.

The final time we see Jaime he is no longer wearing his Lannister armor, even covering up his golden hand, riding North as snow begins to fall outside King’s Landing.

The Pack Survives

After receiving a scroll signed by Jon informing Sansa that he bent the knee to Daenerys Targaryen, Sansa chats with Littlefinger. Who of course brings up AGAIN that Sansa could take the North from her brother if she wanted. Sansa then AGAIN informs Littlefinger that Arya would kill her if she did that. Littlefinger then plays a game with Sansa. Assume the worse, in which Sansa admits that she thinks Arya came to Winterfell to kill her and take on the title of Lady of Winterfell. Littlefinger does not argue this.

Sansa requests her guards to bring Arya to the Great Hall. Arya walks into the Great Hall and is greeted by her sister and brother sitting at the high table and the room is filled with Stark soldiers, Lord Royce, and the Knights of the Vale. Littlefinger stands in his normal place being creepy and confident. Sansa states that there are charges of murder and treason but turns her attention away from Arya and accuses Lord Baelish! Sansa states that Littlefingers crimes are the murder of both Lysa Arryn and Jon Arryn as well as the betrayal of Ned Stark all charges leading to the conflict between the Starks and Lannisters. Littlefinger denies everything until Bran is able to recite the exact words Littlefinger told Ned Stark. Sansa thanks, Littlefinger for everything he taught her and Arya slits his throat using the Valyrian dagger that once belonged to Littlefinger.

The two sisters stand on the Winterfell battlements.

Though very different the two have a deep love and respect for one another. They are family and they will stay together. As they both remember their father – I mean I could care less but is it weird that no one ever talks about Catelyn? – Sansa remembers a saying Ned use to share with his children, “the lone wolf dies, the pack survives.”

Now I know this is a Stark saying but I am getting some Cersei foreshadowing. Literally, everyone has left her to join this fight…I am just saying!

Aegon Targaryen

Sam, Gilly, and little Sam arrive in Winterfell. Sam pays a visit to Bran’s chambers where Sam is happy to learn that Bran remembers him. Bran then informs Sam that he is the Three-Eyed Raven which then leads to having the reaction we all had to this news…

…Bran asks why Sam has come to Winterfell which is easy to answer, to help Jon. Bran tells Sam that Jon needs to learn the truth, that he is not Ned Stark’s son but the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark making Jon a Sand, not Snow. But Sam, kind of taking credit for what Gilly found, drops some wisdom on the dude that is supposed to know everything. Jon isn’t a bastard at all, Rhaegar and Lyanna were married! Using the sight, Bran is able to watch the secret wedding of Rhaegar and Lyanna. Stating that Robert’s Rebellion was built on a lie, they loved one another!


Bran then returns to the Tower of Joy where he learns that Jon’s real name is Aegon Targaryen and he is the heir to the Iron Throne.

Meanwhile, Jon and Dany are sailing North. Jon knocks on the door to Dany’s chambers.

Once inside the two finally put all that sexual tension to bed, like literally, they have some Boat Sex! While, for some creepy reason (a more detailed post will follow), Tyrion stands outside…

Will Jon give Dany a baby? Will the world of Westeros be creeped out by an Aunt and Nephew falling in love? Will Jon want Dany’s throne? WILL SOMEONE FREAKING TELL JON WHO HE REALLY IS? And will Jon even care – I mean, part of me thinks Jon will be like cool, let’s keep it a secret. Anyway, we all will know nothing until next season!

And Down Comes The Wall…

Back at Eastwatch, Tormund and Beric look out past the frozen forest when they see a White Walker rider emerge. The horn blasts three times and the Army of the Dead start marching towards the Wall. Tormund, Beric, Wildlings, and crows all start to run as they hear and then see the Night King riding Viserion! The Night King and Viserion start to light up the Wall with blue fire (which though horrifying, was pretty cool).

The Wall begins to collapse as Tormund and crew rush to safety (I mean when I watched the scene I thought they all died but the show never confirmed his death so I guess they made it).

With the Wall destroyed enough for the Army of Dead to pass, the final shot of season 7 is the massive Army of the Dead with the Night King flying above, walking into Westeros!

Stay tuned later this week for a BRAND NEW The Word from Westeros!

Game of Thrones will return at some point for the final season!

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