‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Finale Theories, Dreams, and Nightmares!

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A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes…”

Well, this Sunday we will be saying goodbye to Game of Thrones without knowing when the final season will air (click here to find out more). So, this finale better leave fans with enough hopes and dreams to last for all of 2018 and possibly 2019! Throughout the seventh season, the theories have been crazy as fans try to figure out what is going to happen, who is going to die, and who the hell is the Prince/Princess that is Promised!

Below you will find some of the best and realistic theories that I have come across over the past several weeks…

Bran Stark the Night King?

I have been asked this question several times over just the course of this week: do I think that Bran could be the Night King? Well in my opinion, no. While I do believe that Bran Stark is very important, I do not believe in making one character the key to everything – that is when you get confused in storylines, and with the way GoT fans dissect everything there will be a hole! But that is simply my opinion. There is some evidence that supports this theory. Though Bran being the Night King also folds into the theory of Bran being in some kind of awful time loop in almost a Groundhogs day fashion – which I do believe!

Okay, so basically since Bran can see EVERYTHING he knows the outcome of the “great war” and has been trying to go back in time and stop it. Every time he fails he goes back a wee bit further. These time loops including Bran causing the Mad King to go mad by telling him to “burn them all,” also includes Bran going back and becoming the Brandon Stark that built The Wall. Two theories that are popular in their own rights. Finally, Bran goes back far enough to become the first man, the one that the Children of the Frost turn into a White Walker – seemingly the first White Walker aka the Night King! Nerdist breaks down the theory a wee bit more, click here to check it out.

Like I said, totally possible but maybe just a little too much! I believe that Bran may be stuck in a time loop and a couple weeks back on The Word From Westeros I shared how I thought the series was going to end featuring my Bran theory…

Who the HELL is Azor Ahai?!

The theory that will never die! The good thing now is that we know, thanks to Melisandre, that the reincarnated Azor Ahai will either be Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen…at least that is what I am hoping! But, that is not a good thing for Dany and Jon shippers or even people that just like the characters because one them is probably going to have to die!

So if we believe that one of the two is Azor than the other is likely to be Nissa Nissa. A little refresher: Nissa Nissa is Azor’s beloved wife that he had to kill to get the true powers of Lightbringer that helped him defeat the Army of the Dead. Melisandre, who brought Ice and Fire together, is all about Azor Ahai, even once believing that Stannis was the Prince That Was Promised. So pretty much her direct involvement is not a good sign. Though people can argue that Jon and Dany have already lost things that they loved – and they have – neither one has directly killed the thing/person they loved most. Azor literally stabs his wife in the heart.

Now, I really don’t like betting against Dany or Jon but if I had to choose who was Azor Ahai I would pick Jon. Which f!*king sucks because I love Dany and she is a badass Queen but there are reasons. Once Jon FINALLY finds out that he is the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen there is really no point for Dany. Though before she came to Westeros she was all about being the Queen of the People since landing at Dragonstone she has been all about being the Last Targaryen and the rightful heir but she isn’t. And after Jon’s reaction to the dragon, it seems like maybe he could climb on the back and ride off to kill the Army of the Dead. Also, Jon has a great connection to the Night King and the Army of the Dead – killing the Night King may be the exact reason Jon came back from the dead.

UPDATE: I read another theory that *if* Jon and Dany have a baby MAYBE that baby will be the Prince/Princess That Was Promised! Though the theory also believes that either Jon or Dany will die or both parents will die, living the child their legacy. I mean I would feel better knowing there is a wee little Stark/Targaryen running around ready to rule if we have to have one or both Jon and Dany die!

UGH! This theory is hard to write about because it is breaking by heart and no matter which one is Azor Ahai it is going to be awful to watch. You can read more about this ancient theory here.

Which Stark Will Die?

So this is a theory/predictions. A lot of people believe that either Sansa or Arya will die during the finale and not just die but be killed by their own sister. Now sure, I don’t want to see either sister to die but I do think that after all this time, how both have been fighting for their family and home that it would be wickedly ironic if they were killed by a member of their own family. If I have to pick between who would live and who would die – I would bet that Sansa would kill Arya. Since returning to Winterfell, Arya has made it pretty clear that at any moment she could kill her sister but she won’t, even if Sansa is not 100% loyal to Jon. But Sansa, on the other hand, is being a bit odd when it comes to family reunions…Sansa likes the power and does not want anyone getting in her way. Though Sansa may not have trained with the Faceless Men, she has learned a lot from Littlerfinger (who is behind countless deaths) and Cersei (another silent murderer) – two people that have been playing the game of thrones for YEARS!

Though, I am hopeful that it will not come down to a Stark VS Stark situation. Both Arya and Sansa are very smart so I am part of the GoT party that believes the two sisters know exactly what Littlefinger has been up to are plotting his death!

But What about that Prophecy?

Cersei is not going to be having this baby. Whether she is actually pregnant or faking it to get Jaime back on her side, the prophecy clearly states she will only have three children. The end. I don’t care.

How Will the Wall Fall?

So to actually get into Westeros, the White Walkers and the Army of the Dead have to figure out how to go through, around, or over The Wall which has some kind of magical spell that won’t let them cross.

After the events of the last episode, it would seem that the Night King could just fly over The Wall but where is the fun in that?!

So there is this horn, a horn that Sam found back in season 2 when he was beyond The Wall. Horn of Winter (pretty cool title) is believed to be able to bring down The Wall if it is blown. Though why would Sam (who we believe still has the horn) do that? Well, he wouldn’t but someone who was betrayed and kind of crazy would, cue Euron Greyjoy!

So Euron has been MIA for a couple episodes now and that is pretty interesting because he was supposed to be one of the “big bads” this season. After his appearance last season, people started to come up with theories of what role he will play and it seems like we have come to the conclusion that he is the horn man! See in the books Euron claims that he has the Dragon Horn (also know as Dragonbinder), which can be used to control Dany’s dragons. Also in the books, Euron heads to Oldtown and raids it. Sam has now left Oldtown but that doesn’t mean that Euron may not run into Sam and take the horn. Also known is that both the Night King and Euron bring The Storm. Though it would be another nightmare if those two teamed up it would make for a great final season…

Dragons Are Hard to Tame

This is really just personally for me. I want to believe that Viserion will still be loyal to his mother and not take orders from the Night King! Wishful thinking…

The Dragon and The Wolf

The Dragon (Rhaegar Targaryen) and The Wolf (Lyanna Stark). So we are getting a flashback!

And now onto my Wish List for the Finale…

Making a Wish List is getting harder every season because literally, ANYTHING can happen but here it goes.

> We get a Lyanna and Rhaegar flashback!
> Someone freaking tells Jon who his parents really are!
> Jon and Dany kiss, which I know is creepy after the first two wishes but come on this isn’t real life! Cersei is preggos with her brother’s baby!
> I don’t know maybe freaking Ghost shows up!
> A Stark KILLS Littlefinger
> Viserion just kills the Night King!
> Yara Greyjoy kills Theon Greyjoy while Euron Greyjoy joins up with the Night King because Cersei pissed him off!

And how I think the show will leave us…

Now, this is simply my expert opinion (I mean I don’t think that it is too crazy to think of myself as a Game of Thrones expert) on how the show will end. When we left the Night King and his army, they just acquired a damn dragon, which yes is a nightmare – though something that kind of had to happen. But while the traveling on this show is all out over the place, that also means –  based off how fast Gendry ran – that the Night King and the army are not that far from Eastwatch and Ginger Wildling…

…So, I think Game of Thrones will leave us with the Night King and the Army of the Dead taking down Eastwatch – and though it will break my heart, killing Ginger Wildling – and beginning the march to Winterfell. Now I know, “what about the damn Wall?” – see above theory!

Roll credits! See ya later. We will just live in torture for an unknown about of time!

The Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale airs Sunday, August 27th at 9pm on HBO! 

Kait Calabrò

Kait Calabrò

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