And the ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Finale Has an EPIC Title…

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So guys, we are literally just passing time until the season finale of Game of Thrones season 7, we now we know a little nugget of information that has us all begging for Sunday to come!

HBO released the finale title and runtime for this Sunday. The finale will be exactly 79 minutes, 43 seconds. Though I was really hoping for 80 minutes! And now onto the more important piece of information, the title of the final episode of season 7 is…

The Dragon and the Wolf

Yep, this is our life now – Game of Thrones dreams coming true every week!

Now, I know your first thought (much like mine) was YES – Jon and Dany are FINALLY going to get married and have babies! But hold your damn horses people! Jon would be the first one to admit that he is no Stark. So this title most likely means we will be getting the flashback we have all been wanting!

The Dragon being Rhaegar Targaryen and the Wolf being Lyanna Stark. You know the people that are kind of behind Robert’s Rebellion, star-crossed lovers, and the bio parents of Jon Snow – which makes Jon ice and fire and the rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

So we met Lyanna Stark in season 6 thanks to Bran and now I think it is finally time to meet Rhaegar, the man we have heard so much about! But just like last season, though we may see Lyanna and Rhaegar together via a flashback that does not mean that Jon will learn is true origin!


Well we will just have to wait not so patiently until Sunday to find out what Dragon and what Wolf Game of Thrones is chatting about!

The Season 7 Game of Thrones Finale Airs Sunday at 9pm on HBO! 

Kait Calabrò

Kait Calabrò

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