‘Game Of Thrones’ “Beyond The Wall” Recap: Death is the Enemy

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Season 7 | Episode 6 | “Beyond The Wall”

Well that was one hell of an episode. So many Game of Thrones dreams came true last night but it seems like the season finale could be a nightmare. Let’s breakdown the episode that literally changed everything!

The Tale of Two Sisters

Oh sweet Stark sisters. How are you both so smart but yet so obviously falling right into the perfect Littlefinger trick?!

Sansa approaches Arya and she is over looking the Winterfell courtyard. Arya tells her sister a beloved story she holds dear about their father, Ned watching Arya shoot arrows and applauding even if it wasn’t an activity suited for little ladies. Things turn dark when Arya accuses her sister of aiding the Lannisters in killing their father. Arya recites the letter she found in Littlefinger’s chambers. Sansa is shocked that not only her sister believes that she would betray their father and family but that this letter still exists. Arya picks up on Sansa’s fear and notes that Sansa doesn’t fear what Jon will think but what the North lords will think of her words.

Side-Note: Sansa is getting a lot of hate because of her actions this season. While I am NOT a fan of Sansa’s lack of loyalty and respect for Jon – she is literally gunning for his job – that is a different story. I think we can all agree that both Sansa and Arya are being assholes! No one had time for your petty drama, work together or leave!

Sansa has a closed-door meeting with Littlefinger who is shocked that Arya found the letter. He, of course, reassures Sansa that the North loves her maybe even more than Jon. Littlefinger suggests that maybe Lady Brienne could help since she serves both Stark girls. If one Stark girl was plotting against the other Brienne would have to step in.

Sansa receives an invitation from Cersei to come to King’s Landing. Not really sure why! Sansa, of course, would not step foot in King’s Landing while Cersei is sitting on the Iron Throne. So, Sansa decides to send Brienne in her place. Interesting, would Sansa actually try to kill Arya? At this point, I have no idea!

Side-Note 2: Though I have believed that Littlefinger’s “love” for Sansa would always keep him on her side I am starting to second-guess that. Sansa said it herself, the fighting between the two sisters is exactly something Cersei would want. Also sending Brienne away, something that benefits both Littlefinger and Cersei!

Sansa enters Arya’s chambers and starts snooping around. That is when Sansa literally comes to face to face with Arya’s collection of faces. With out making any noise, Arya is behind her sister! Sansa asks Arya about the faces and a super chill and kind of scary Arya explains her training. Arya also makes it perfectly clear that at any moment she could wear Sansa’s face. As Arya creeps closer to Sansa holding her dagger, Arya hands the dagger to Sansa and walks out of the room.

Part of me thinks that it would be wickedly poetic if after all they have been through in the end they would be killed by their own sister. I think either they are going to try to kill each other or they kill Littlefinger together…wishful thinking!


While everyone else is off on a suicide mission, Tyrion and Daenerys are enjoying some wine by the fire. Daenerys starts talking about heroes and how they are all stupid, she thinks she is being casual when she lumps Jon Snow in with Drogo, Jorah, and Daario. Though sweetie you are talking to Tyrion Lannister – he knows things! Tyrion picks up on this and states that all those heroes happen to have all fallen in love with her. And enter high school Dany who goes, “Jon Snow doesn’t love me.”

So it seems that Tyrion wants Dany and Jon to be k-i-s-s-i-n-g just as much as Davos! But, Dany is not ready to admit her feelings for Jon Snow…yet!

The conversation turns to meeting with Cersei and now Tyrion promised Jaime that he would keep Dany from doing anything “impulsive.” Which of course doesn’t sit well with the Queen. And then the conversations turns into how will we break the wheel and make sure it stays that way. So like who is going to sit on the Iron Thrones once Dany is no longer there? Jeez, Tyrion she hasn’t won yet!

Dany, can’t have children, and Tyrion believes she needs to choose someone because she keeps putting herself at risk. Dany will only chat about the succession once she is sitting on the throne, which is pretty reasonable!

Death is the Enemy

So Eastwatch crew is beyond the Wall looking for some wights. But before we battle there are several side conversation that have to happen, so let’s break them down:

Jon and Tormund talk about how Mance didn’t bend the knee and “many of his people died for his pride.”

Gendry, Thoros of Myr, Beric Dondarrion, and The Hound talk about Gendry’s time with the Red Woman.

Jon tries to give Jorah back Longclaw but Jorah doesn’t believe he is worthy of it. Plus, Jon can pass the sword down to his children one day (so like is Jorah even okay with Jon and Dany? I think so!)

The Hound and Tormund chat about Brienne of Tarth. It is adorable and Tormund loves her so much – he wants to make babies with her!


Beric Dondarrion and Jon chat about Jon’s resurrection. Jon who doesn’t know (what else is new) why he was brought back. Beric believes they were both back for a reason, to fight for the living because death is the enemy. And maybe that is enough.

After a run in with a White Walker polar bear (which Thoros of Myr gets bit), the group finally comes across a small group of wights lead by just one White Walker. The were able to fight off all but one wight who they were able to capture but not before the wights sets off on an screeching alarm warning others to come. In the distance the snow begins to move with the roar of the army. Jon tells Gendry (who I guess passed a physical fitness test) to run back to Eastwatch and to send a raven to Daenerys. Gendry didn’t want to leave Jon but he does what he is told – part of me thinks that Jon just wanted to save Gendry!

The men start running and land on the perfect trap, a frozen lake with an island in the middle! As the army approaches, the men run to the island. The weight of the army breaks the ice and the army begins to fall in. And so begins the stand off, as the army completely surrounds the men, they wait for the ice to freeze back over to attack.

Gendry makes it to Eastwatch and Davos sends a raven to Dany right away. Of course, Dany cannot leave Jorah and Jon up there. Though Tyrion thinks this is too dangerous, Dany climbs on the back of Drogon with both Viserion and Rhaegal flying behind them.

The men make it through the night, well all but Thoros of Myr who froze to death. Jon and Jorah come to the realization that if you kill a White Walker all wights it turned will die. Beric also notes that if Jon simply kills the Nigh King this will all be over and maybe that is the reason Jon was brought back.

The ice has finally froze over and after The Hound kind of mocks one of the wights by throwing a rock at him, it’s game on. And sure the men do a great job and are kicking ass but they are simply outnumber! And in classic Jon Snow I-Entered-A-Battle-Not-Prepared Style, we are shown a slow-motion shot of Jon realizing he f*!ked up! And here comes the real hero, flying in with THREE DRAGONS – Daenerys Targaryen – saving the men and the day!

As all the men begin to climb onto the dragon, Jon stays on the ground fighting off wights to make sure they are safe to fly. Standing up high, the Night King is handed a giant ice spear which he perfectly throws and hits Viserion who goes down and falls into the lake. Dany is heartbroken and Jon goes full future step-dad mode…

…and starts heading right towards the Night King! Jon tells Dany to fly off after he sees the Night King pull out another spear. Jon is knocked into the water by a group of wights as Dany and the men fly off to Eastwatch.

Jon is able to pull himself out of the water. Jon is greeted by a group of wights and start to prepare to fight for his life when in comes Benjen Stark! Benjen Stark puts his nephew on the back of his horse and goes running into the army as Jon rides off! This may just be the last time we see Benjen Stark…

Back at Eastwatch, Dany looks out over the Wall waiting for Jon or Viserion to show up. Just as she was about to leave, Dany and Jorah hear the horn and see Jon approach on the back of a horse.

Things We Learned About White Walkers/Army of the Dead:
> White Walkers are like vampires – kind of – they follow the sire law.
> Wights can’t swim but fire effects them.
> Fire does not do anything to White Walkers.
> Dragonglass can be used to kill White Walkers AND Wights.
> White Walkers and Wights can talk to one another.

My Queen

Jon is stripped down and laid down in bed as the group sails back to Dragonstone. It is at this moment that Dany sees all of Jon’s scars, especially a deep one over his heart.

When Jon finally wakes, Dany is sitting right beside him. A beat goes by and Jon begins to apologize for the lose of Viserion. They should have never went there. Dany – though completely heartbroken – believes it is good cause now she knows and wants vengeance, explaining again that the dragons are the only children she will have.

Side-Note: This is pretty much the third indirect, second direct reference to Dany’s womb in this episode. Making me and pretty everyone question whether Dany can really have babies or not but more importantly can she have ice and fire babies with Jon?!?

She will fight with Jon and they will defeat the Night King. What follows is possibly that most magical moment in Game of Thrones history. I mean I think the two got me pregnant from just watching the sexual tension! Jon simply says “Thank you, Dany.” Which makes Dany chuckle cause the last person that called her that was her brother and Jon should not be in his company. So Jon decides it would be best if he called her “my Queen.”


ARE YOU FREAKING OUT – I AM STILL FREAKING OUT (What, no! You have already watched the episode three times!)

Jon assures Dany that the Lords of the North will soon “see you for what you are.” And there is hand holding and looking into each other’s eyes – and I am completely swooning!

When Dany feels like things are getting too much, she lets go of Jon’s hand and tells him to rest which makes Jon act like a kid trying to fake being asleep.

This sequence is another example of something I wish would have happened but I guess it would have been cheesy is Daenerys called Jon “her King.” Whatever, a girl can dream!

A Nightmare Come True…

The final moments of the episode show the Army of Dead – not sure where they got the HUGE chains – pulling something out of the frozen water. That something is the body of Viserion! The Night King makes his way down to the dragon and simply just lays his hand on the dragon – wait a beat – Viserion eyes open and are now crystal blue!

So yep, there is now an ice dragon!

Though dragons are hard to tame and I really want to believe that Viserion is an asshole to the Night King. But I am sure that won’t happen and Viserion will help the Night King either fly over the Wall or burn it down…

So here comes frozen hell!

And next week on the season finale…history!

Stay tuned later this week for a BRAND NEW The Word from Westeros

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9 pm on HBO!  

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