‘Game Of Thrones’ Master Player Of The Week: Know-It-All Gilly!

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Season 7 | Episode 5 | “Eastwatch”

Welcome, Game of Thrones fans to the NEW weekly post where a resident (or sometimes non-resident) of Westeros is crowned the Master Player of the Week. This may or may not be in direct relation to me justifying my team, Killing Them Starkly, picks for my Game of Thrones fantasy league I am a part of with co-workers.

Anyway, let’s take a look back at season 7 episode 5 and see who was the Master Player of the Week


Oh Gilly, for the most part I do not care what you do – and that is wrong of me because if we are all being honest, you may still be learning to read but girl you are way more knowledgeable than Sam. You really don’t get the credit your deserve. But during “Eastwatch,” the internet went crazy defending and cheering Gilly, who was the victim of the “let me stop you there” moment in the conversation and perfect example of what it is like for women to actually have a conversation with a man.

Anyway, while Sam is too worried about the fact that he just showed up to a new job and isn’t getting the respect that he thinks he deserves…Gilly is actually reading and learning important shit! Like in an old diary of a High Septon, Gilly learns how many steps *were* in the sept, how many windows, oh AND THAT RHAEGAR F*!KING TARGARYEN GOT AN ANNULMENT AND MARRIED SOMEONE ELSE!

Jon Snow is a bastard no more! Though all the pieces are there to revealing this, it would seem that only two people are holding the key to learning who Jon Snow really is! We have no clue where Sam and Gilly are now going but hopefully Gilly and Bran (who because he can see everything should already know this information) will meet so they can do some grand reveal in the season finale! Gods, I freaking hope so! I literally did Home Alone face when Gilly was reading this information!

Gilly finish learning to read and then become a maesters yourself cause you are doing some great research!

Honorable Mentions:


Cause his body may look like he’s been rowing (can I get a “HEYYYYY”), Gendry has been preparing to fight this whole time! Welcome back you beautiful bastard!

Eastwatch’s Motley Crew

Sure, most of these men are going to die but they will look cool as f*!k doing it!

You can read the full “Eastwatch” recap here!

Who will take the crown next week?

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9 pm on HBO!

Kait Calabrò

Kait Calabrò

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