‘Game Of Thrones’ “The Spoils of War” Recap: Burn Baby, Burn!

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Season 7 | Episode 4 | “The Spoils of War”

This is not getting any easier. Sure the reunions are wonderful but watching Tyrion and Jaime on opposite sides was breaking my heart and guys, I didn’t know who to scream for! One second it was for Jaime but then I found myself screaming “dracarys” when he was heading towards Dany and Drogon! F*!k, war is not for the weak!

Also, we only have three more episodes left! UGH!

Alright, let’s recap this fiery episode!


Daenerys and Missandei girl talk – you know about that steamy night – is interrupted by Jon Snow who has something to show Dany.

Jon then leads Dany into a cave to show her all the dragon glass. Jon takes Dany deeper into the cave and shows her carvings and drawings on the wall – which we all kind of secretly believe Jon may have done himself. The carvings and drawings show the Children of the Forest and First Men coming together to defeat the White Walkers. Dany agrees that she will help Jon…if he bends a knee. Ugh, this conversation again. Jon, of course, talks about his people but Dany gives a reply all too familiar to Jon. Dany asks, “Isn’t their survival more important than your pride?” This is pretty much exactly what Jon said to Mance Rayder many seasons ago. And Jon seems to recognize the irony because his whole face changes. Though I think we all know Jon isn’t doing this for pride but for the respect and representing the people of the North. Still not sure why Jon had to bend the knee when Yara was going to be the Queen of the Iron Islands…very confusing!

Once outside the cave, the mood doesn’t get anymore cheery when Dany learns that though they took Casterly Rock, they lost Highgarden and along with it the army and gold. Dany – and it is fair – questions whether Tyrion has what it takes to fight his family who are clearly outsmarting him. Dany is very tempted to ride her dragon to the Red Keep and light it up. Then she turns to Jon and seeks his advice. A little hesitant at first, Jon states that people believe in her to do the impossible and if she just melts down castles she is no different then anyone that came before her.

Davos and Jon are on a little walk about when Davos brings up the fact he has noticed Jon look at Dany. It literally seems that Davos is shipping these two as much as viewers! Also, let’s get real – if Jon and Dany marry (which the sexual tension is rising) then all this damn bend the knee crap should be over! Jon ignores Davos. The two come across Missandei, who is clearly waiting for Grey Worm to return. Missandei asks why Jon’s last name is Snow – when explained about being a bastard, Missandei informs the two where she is from in Naath there are no bastards because there is no such thing as marriage.

Then probably the most interesting conversation since Jon landed in Dragonstone. When Jon asks why Missandei stays with Dany she replies simply, Dany is not their queen because of her last name but because they chose her to be their queen.


Maybe someone should remind Dany because she is throwing around that birth right crap too much right now!

Jon spots a Greyjoy ship coming into the harbor and meets them on the shores. Jon comes face to face with Theon who Jon informs the only reason he is not killing Theon is because of what he did for Sansa.

I mean I think Jon could have at least punched him, Theon did betray Robb, pretend he killed Bran and Rickon, took Winterfell, and was simply just an asshole to Jon growing up! Theon has come back to Dragonstone to ask Dany to help him save his sister, Jon replies that the Queen is not on the island at the moment.

Our stories aren’t over yet

Littlefinger pays a visit to Emo Bran to give him a mildly inappropriate gift, the dagger that was used in the attempt on Bran’s life back in season 1. When Bran asks who the dagger once belonged to, Littlefinger was not sure but the dagger did kind of start the War of the Five Kings. Then Littlefinger gives some speech about chaos but Bran is not having it and cuts him off by saying “chaos is a ladder.” A direct quote from Littlefinger said to Varys years ago!

Meera then pays a visit to tell Bran that she is returning home. A cold Bran says she should go and tells her thank you very emotionless. Leaving her to believe that Bran died back in that cave, Bran does not argue.

Arya Stark looks upon Winterfell from afar. Once she reaches the gate, she is greeted by two guards who are finding it hard to believe that she is Arya Stark. While the two bicker on who will tell Sansa, Arya slips away. Sansa finds her sister in the Winterfell crypt studying their father’s face. The two embrace and Arya asks if Sansa really killed Joffrey. Sansa of course says no but she wishes she did. Arya is a wee bit disappointed since he was on her list. The list that Arya keeps playing down because she doesn’t want everyone to actually believe her! Sansa informs her sister that Bran has also made it home but with just a look Arya gets the idea that something is wrong.

The sisters find Bran in the godswood. Bran tells Arya that he is pleased she is back because he saw her at the crossroads. Bran confirms that Arya really does has a kill list when he states that he thought Arya would go to King’s Landing to kill Cersei. Sansa explains that Bran has visions. Arya switches the conversation to Bran’s new dagger. Bran gives Arya the dagger since he has no use for it. Sansa though shows concerns when she finds out Littlefinger gave a gift because that means he wants something…

As the three Stark children walk through the courtyard of Winterfell, Podrick looks over to Brienne and tells her that she should be very proud because she had kept her vow!

Arya challenges Brienne to train her. The two badass ladies face off in the courtyard as Podrick, Littlefinger, and a somewhat shocked Sansa look on.

Brienne is impressed with Arya’s skills and when asked who trained her Arya replies, “no one.” Arya watches Littlefinger leave with a interesting look.

So there is going to be some issues between Sansa and Arya, right?

A Lannister Always Pays HER Debts

To be fair, they really aren’t just her debts.

Cersei is pleased with the news that Jaime and army have taken Highgarden and with it all the gold.

While entertaining Tycho Nestoris from the Iron Bank, she assures him that he will be paid in gold shortly and he assures her that once he is that the bank will fully back the Queen.


The Lannister wagon train filled with gold is making it’s way to King’s Landing being lead by Jaime with Bronn and the Tarlys. Bronn expresses his disappointment in not getting his castle to Jaime when a sound is growing in the background. Hello, Dothraki invasion! The Lannister army gets into line as they prepare for attack and then shit really goes to hell when Drogon with Dany on his back comes flying over!

Shit gets crazy! Dracarys and blood everywhere. Cue my mixed feelings. I am screaming for Jaime and Bronn to get out of the way but I was also screaming “Dracarys” because I mean what is a girl to do!

Since the Lannisters are getting their butts kicked – at least I think they were, it was confusing! Jaime tells Bronn to fire up “scorpion.”

Tyrion watches the battle from afar also feeling the mixed emotions as he watches his brother and Bronn battle. It was really heartbreaking.

Bronn was able to fire “scorpion” and hit Drogon but it did not do the damage Cersei wished. Dany does land Drogon near the river to try to get the harpoon out of her child’s scales. Jaime sees an opening and rushes towards the Mother of Dragons. Though he was too slow because Drogon stops him and is about to protect his mother when Bronn comes riding in and pushes Jaime out of the fire zone and into the water!


And we slowly watch Jaime fall to the bottom of the river…

And next week…will Jon learn something?

Stay tuned later this week for a BRAND NEW The Word from Westeros

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9 pm on HBO!  

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