‘Game Of Thrones’ Master Player Of The Week: The Queen of Thorns (and Burns), Olenna Tyrell!

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Season 7 | Episode 3 | “The Queen’s Justice”

Welcome, Game of Thrones fans to the NEW weekly post where a resident (or sometimes non-resident) of Westeros is crowned the Master Player of the Week. This may or may not be in direct relation to me justifying my team, Killing The Starkly, picks for my Game of Thrones fantasy league I am a part of with co-workers.

Anyway, let’s take a look back at season 7 episode 3 and see who was the Master Player of the Week

Lady Olenna Tyrell

During “The Queen’s Justice” we bid adieu to the Queen of Thorns and in the same breath the Queen of Burns (especially when it came to Lannisters) as Lady Olenna downed poison after Jaime Lannister took High Garden.

Though in classic Lady Olenna fashion we have all become accustomed to, she looked death and Jaime right in the eye and delivered one last insult to a Lannister. Admitting that she was the one that killed Joffrey. Serving up a final blow is only right since the Lannisters have now completely ripped out the whole Tyrell household.

I think we should not have the irony lost on us that in last week’s episode when Olenna was giving Dany advice she stated that she has encountered many wise men but she has outlived all of them. Which is true but now Westeros is in the hands of not a man but a woman who will stop at nothing to get vengeance for what has happened to her family.

Olenna played the game well for many years and to honor her part here are some of her best burns…

‘Growing Strong’ the worst words of any house.”

Yes and every time a Tyrell farts it smells like a rose.”

If I have to take one more leisurely stroll through this garden I’m going to throw myself off this cliff.”

My grandson is the pride of Highgarden. The most desirable bachelor in all seven kingdoms. Your daughter is…old.”

Get some rest, dear. You look appalling.”

You look like an angry little boy. Don’ presume to tell me what I need.”

I wonder if you’re the worst person I’ve ever met. At a certain age, it’s hard to recall. But the truly vile do stand out through the years.”

You’re a dragon, be a dragon.”

Must have been horrible for you as a Kingsguard, as a father. It was horrible enough for me. A shocking scene. Not at all what I intended. You see, I had never seen the poison work before. Tell Cersei. I want her to know it was me.”

You will be greatly missed Queen of Thorns, may you curse Cersei from wherever you are now! Do people in Westeros believe in an afterlife? Religion is confusing there…

Honorable Mentions:

Queen Cersei 

This crazy chick is freaking winning? She ain’t scared of three dragons cause she is too busy spilling blood!

Davos Seaworth

For knowing Jon’s worth! And just being like the best guy in the room all the time!

Tyrion Lannister

Now that he is back in Westeros his humor seems to have returned. Though he may have had some great one-liners to Jon this episode around, he needs to get his head in this game cause Cersei is coming for you!

You can read the full “The Queen’s Justice” recap here!

Who will take the crown next week?

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9 pm on HBO!

Kait Calabrò

Kait Calabrò

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