‘Game of Thrones’ “The Queen’s Justice” Recap: Ice Meets Fire

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Season 7 | Episode 3 | “The Queen’s Justice”

So the Queen who got justice in episode 3 is the Queen Lady Olenna (what a f*!king OG!) referred to as a “monster.” So yeah, Queen Cersei is currently winning (and kind of in a big way). Maybe it is time to unleash the dragons!

But SO MUCH happened in episode 3, so let’s get to recapping!

Ice and Fire

Well, it is the moment we have all been WAITING for!

Jon Snow and Ser Davos come ashore Dragonstone and are greeted by Tyrion and Missandei. It is nice to see Jon and Tyrion together, they didn’t spend much time together but there is such a level of respect between the two! The Northmen are not too happy about giving up their weapons but Jon allows it and then the group embarks on all those damn stairs up to the damn castle. I mean that has to take hours to get to the top!

While walking, Tyrion asks about his (ex)-wife Sansa and though Jon did not ask, Tyrion says their marriage was a sham and was not consummated. Tyrion also beams (well I may be over looking it) with pride when Jon informs him that Sansa is starting to let on to how smart she is! While on the walk up, Jon (who has come face to face with the Night’s King) literally falls over when he sees a dragon fly over.

Watching from above, Melisandre is approached by Varys who is wondering why she was not on the beach to welcome Jon Snow. “I’ve done my part. I’ve brought ice and fire together,” Melisandre tells Varys. Varys advises her to leave Westeros and Melisandre plans to but will return because just like Varys she has to die in this “strange country.” Varys then spots a solo Greyjoy ship sailing ashore.

Then the awkward and tense (maybe some sexual tension) meeting we have been waiting for. Basically, Dany is like “I am the Queen.” Jon is like “Yeah, and I am the King in the North.” Then they both agree they are not their fathers but Jon will not take the forever vow.

— How about when Dany was like, “I am the last Targaryen.” Oh, that is cute! —


Dany is not pleased and really doesn’t care about the Army of the Dead. And all Jon wants to do is work together but I mean he is talking about a zombie army. The meeting is cut short when Varys enters. Jon is not a prisoner but he kind of is at the moment.

One of the best scenes is Game of Thrones happens in this episode. Jon and Tyrion trying to brood on a cliff!


Jon and Tyrion talk about how Jon can get people to understand the danger they are in. Tyrion has no clue but he does know that Dany and Jon need to work together, so Tyrion suggests asking for something reasonable from Dany. Hello, dragonglass.

Though Dany is super concerned with how pretty much all her missions are failing, Tyrion is trying to convince her to work with Jon. So Dany agrees to allow Jon to collect the dragonglass.

Dany and Jon do have a short private moment together when over looking the season and Viserion and Rhaegal flying. Dany informs Jon he can start mining the dragonglass.

Okay, so baby steps but these two better be BFFs soon! We are running out of time!

A Queen’s Justice

Euron F*!KING Greyjoy rides through the streets of King’s Landing like a gangster…

…and enters the throne room with Yara, Ellaria and Tyene. Euron presents the two gifts to Queen Cersei, llaria and Tyene, two people who killed Cersei’s daughter.

Cersei is so pleased with the gift that she tells Euron once the war is won she will marry him! Insert Euron mocking Jamie.

No surprise Cersei decided not to just kill Ellaria and Tyene but to torture them. Cersei kisses Tyene then wipes the lipstick and drinks from a vial. Yep, Cersei just poisoned Tyene but instead of killing Ellaria, Cersei is going to leave her in the cell so she can watch her beautiful daughter rot.

What Cersei wants Cersei gets these days and that included Jamie. For one second I thought that Jamie wouldn’t fall into his sister’s bed but love is wicked. The next morning when a knock comes to the door Jamie is worried that someone will see them together in reply Cersei states, “I’ll do as I please.”

Cersei meets with Tycho Nestoris of the Iron Bank. Cersei of course states that a Lannister always pays their debts and invites him to stay a little longer so she can prove how great a Queen she is (compared to Dany) and to pay him back.

The Rock

Grey Worm and the Unsullied – after following Tyrion’s instructions and Bronn’s wise words – take Casterly Rock without much problem. When Grey Worm is confused with how simple the mission was he looks out to the sea to see his Crazy Uncle’s fleet attacking the Targaryen ships. Yep, this plan was not great.

We See Your True Colors

Theon is picked up by a Greyjoy ship – that is loyal to Yara – and not Gendry (I mean I want the kid back but I don’t want him linked to this loser).

The captain sees Theon’s true colors when Theon explains he tried to save Yara. The captain simply replied, “if you tried you would be here.” The only silver lining is that Yara was not killed but captured by her crazy uncle!

Greyscale No More

So Sam and, more so Lord Friend Zone, get lucky because after a lot of pain, Sam was able to cure Friend Zone of his greyscale! Though Archmaester Ebrose is not too pleased with Sam completely disobeying orders!

Friend Zone is off to find Dany cause duh! And while Sam is praised for doing the cure he is still on the bottom of the food chain at the citadel!

Lord Stark

Sansa is ruling the shit out of the North while Jon is gone. She gets a welcomed interruption from Littlefinger when she is told to come to the gate of Winterfell. That is where Sansa comes face to face with Bran Stark – you know that brother she hasn’t seen since episode 1 in season 1!

I can’t tell if Bran’s demeanor is no f*!ks to give or too many f*!ks to give…

Bran and Sansa take to the Godswood to have a little chat. Sansa informs her brother that he is now the Lord of Winterfell which Bran replies he can’t be a lord of anything, he is the three-eyed raven now. Bran mentions that he needs to talk to Jon, there are things he needs to tell him – yea like how Jon is a Targaryen! Sansa still is not fully understanding what Bran is now which leads to him trying to explain that he can see everything, everything that has happened to her in their home. He then goes on to describe her wedding to Ramsay in the Godswood they sit in. It was beautiful and she looked beautiful. The whole conversation becomes too much for Sansa and she excuses herself.

The Last Rose

While Grey Worm and the Unsullied take the Rock, Jamie takes the Lannister army (which now includes House Tarly) to High Garden.

High Garden doesn’t take long to fall. Jaime finds Lady Olenna Tyrell in her chambers waiting for him to bring her death. Like the OG she is, Olenna doesn’t beg for her life, she is at peace and actually has a conversation with Jamie who is just a chess piece in Cersei’s game. Though Jamie is too in love with Cersei to see that she is a monster. When Olenna asks how he will do it, he lists several violent options Cersei came up with but he decided on poison. He takes the vial out and pours it in her wine. Olenna asks if it will hurt and Jaime says no he made sure it wouldn’t. Olenna drinks it down and then says she is happy she won’t die like Jamie’s son Joffrey. Olenna then confesses she was the one behind Joffrey’s murder and she wants to make sure Cersei knows it.

And then Olenna Tyrell died as she lived, insulting a Lannister.

Stay tuned later this week for a BRAND NEW The Word from Westeros

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