‘Game Of Thrones’ Master Player Of The Week: Not a Pet Anymore Nymeria

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Season 7 | Episode 2 | “Stormborn”

Welcome, Game of Thrones fans to the NEW weekly post where a resident (or sometimes non-resident) of Westeros is crowned the Master Player of the Week. This may or may not be in direct relation to me justifying my team, Killing The Starkly, picks for my Game of Thrones fantasy league I am a part of with co-workers.

Anyway, let’s take a look back at season 7 episode 1 and see who was the Master Player of the Week


It was a reunion fans have been waiting for since Arya told Nymeria to run away (for her own good) in season one after the badass dire wolf attacked Prince Joffrey (Nymeria knew then that that child was rotten). Though it may not have been a reunion that has left us feeling warm and fuzzy but more bittersweet.

Nymeria has made a life for herself since we last saw her, clearly leading a pack of wolves just a wee bit south of the North. Though Nymeria may never forget Arya Stark, she makes it perfectly clear she will not go back to being anyone’s pet. And for that, good for you Nymeria, know your worth! As much as we would have all LOVED to have watched Arya and Nymeria ride off together heading towards Winterfell that is not who Nymeria is anymore. And this could be leading to some foreshadowing for Arya Stark who may realize she is nowhere close to the girl that once lived at Winterfell. The world has changed for the both of them.

While Nymeria is doing her with her pack, I would not just write off the dire wolf to never return to aid Arya. Nymeria and Arya still have a connection and Nymeria is still doing her part in Westeros. When those White Walkers do attack – and I mean they will – I would guess that Nymeria and her pack will join the Stark forces to take down some ice zombie ass!

So here’s to you Nymeria, for knowing who you are and what you want!

Honorable Mentions:

Jon Snow 

Because we have not seen someone just out right hate Littlefinger so much since Ned Stark!

Lady Olenna Tyrell

For reminding Daenerys Targaryen who she really is…

Grey Worm and Missandei

There may not be anything more pure in all of Westeros than the love between these two. We have been waiting for this moment (and it seems like so have Grey Worm and Missandei) for a couple seasons now. Hey, did Grey Worm read Jon Snow’s diary on how to please a woman (wink, wink – was that too much? I never really know when I cross a line…oh well!).

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Who will take the crown next week?

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9 pm on HBO!

Kait Calabrò

Kait Calabrò

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