‘Game of Thrones’ “Stormborn” Recap: “You’re a Dragon. Be a Dragon”

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Season 7 | Episode 2 | “Stormborn”

Shit is happening so fast…people are dying, people are meeting, and Theon is still simply awful! Okay let’s recap this deadly Game of Thrones ep…

Be A Dragon”

The episode opens with a storm, a storm very similar to the one Daenerys was born during at Dragonstone. Dany is seeking counsel from Tyrion and Varys around her battle table when she begins to question Varys’ loyalty and who’s side he is really on. Only showing a bit of discomfort over the conversation, Varys (like he has done so many times in the past) informs the Queen that he serves the people. He promises that he will always be honest with her and she promises him that if he every betrays her (like he did to past rulers) she will burn him alive.

The tension is broken when it is announced that a Red Priestess is here to see Dany. Enter Melisandre, who informs the breaker of chains that the long night is coming and only the prince who was promised can save them all. Dany wittily reminds Melisandre that she is not a prince, this leads to now another interesting and annoying part of this prophecy – we got the fucking translation wrong, it is genderless so it could be a prince or princess! Any who, it should be clear that at no point did Melisandre state that she believed that Dany was the princess who was promised. Mel is just popping by to tell Dany and Co about Jon Snow – “I believe you have a role to play, as does another.”

Tyrion is surprised to hear about Jon Snow and tells Dany she should invite the bastard. Dany tells Tyrion to send Jon Snow a raven to come visit and bend a knee to his Queen! GUYS, IT IS HAPPENING!

Also, can we all agree that Westeros is agreeing with Dany? Girl, you look good!

Dany has a war room meeting with the other fearless female leads and though they all think she should attack King’s Landing now – hello dragons – Dany lays out the real plan. The Unsullied will take Casterly Rock while the Greyjoys will take Ellaria and the Sand Snakes back to Dorne to get the remaining of their armies which they plan to use to surround King’s Landing along with Tyrell bannermen. Everyone agrees to the plan but during a private moment with Lady Olenna, Dany is advised to be a dragon and forget the clever men!

The night before Grey Worm is set to leave for Casterly Rock, Missandel finds him and the two express their love to one another!

The North is Yours”

In Winterfell, Jon Snow shares his message from Tyrion with Sansa and Davos. While both Jon and Sansa trust Tyrion they still think the visit is too risky and could be a trap. Though Davos does mention that Fire does kill White Walkers and what do dragons breath?

During another meeting with his north bannermen (do these people ever go home?), Jon yet again mentions that the army of the dead is coming and he has seen the king’s king – babe we get it! He informs the group that he got a raven from Sam saying that dragonstone sits on top of a mountain of dragon glass so Jon has accepted the invitation to meet with Daenerys. The whole room disagrees – even little Lyanna – and Sansa still believes it is too dangerous and his people need him in the North. But it is simple, only a King can deal with a Queen and the North will be in good hands while he is gone. Sansa will rule while Jon is away. There should always be a Stark in Winterfell!


While standing in front of his father’s statue in the crypt, Jon is surprised to be approached by Littlefinger. Jon asks why Littlefinger is still in the North and Littlefinger assures Jon he is not an enemy – he loves Sansa just like he loved her mother. In one quick movement, Jon grabs Littlefinger by the throat and warns him to stay away from his sister!

Jon walks out of the crypt, waves goodbye to his sister, and rides off to his destiny – too much too soon?

I’m a Survivor”

Arya is enjoying some warm food and eavesdropping in an inn when she is surprised by Hot Pie! He asks where she is heading and she replied King’s Landing which surprised Hot Pie since Jon Snow has taken back Winterfell. Once outside she weighs her options and decides to head North!


While camping out, Arya’s horse begins to get spooked. Arya is than quickly surrounded by a pack of wolves being lead by none other than Nymeria. Arya and her direwolf recognize one another when Arya asks Nymeria to join her on her journey back home, Nymeria steps back. In a completely heartbreaking moment, Arya realizes that is not who Nymeria is any more.

Yes, we know about that season 1 parallel!

Were All Mad Here…

The Mad King’s Daughter will destroy Westeros…well that is the story Queen Cersei is spinning to Westerosi noblemen including loyal Tyrell bannerman Randyll Tarly. She is trying to use fear of foreigners to scare these men into fighting for her – wow that shit is too real. Any who, cold stone Tyrell is not totally feeling Cersei and wonders how she will take on three dragons – cue Qyburn’s wicked smile (also he is the Hand of the Queen).

After the little meeting, Jaime tries to play damage control as he chats with Randyll. Jaime offers Randyll the title of Warden of the South if he breaks ties with House Tyrell and Olenna and fights the Dothraki with the Lannisters!

Meanwhile, Qyburn and Cersei head down below the Red Keep in a room filed with the skulls of the Targaryen dragons. After hearing that one of Daenerys’ dragons was injured by a spear, so enters a huge crossbow-like weapon. Cersei pulls the trigger which hits the skull of Aegon the Conqueror’s dragon, Balerion perfectly. Cersei delivers a wicked smile!

Sam and the Greyscale

Sam is like super bad at following the directions of his job!

While Archmaester Ebrose checks out Jorah’s greyscale – he gives him 6 months until his mind is lost – Sam mentions Princess Shireen and her greyscale being cured. Though Archmaester Ebrose puts Sam in his place again – Jorah is beyond that point. Also at this time, Sam learns that Jorah’s last name is Mormont – now that changes everything!

So Sam again speaks out of turn again to Archmaester Ebrose in the library – a dog with a freaking bone, right – and yet again Archmaester Ebrose shoots him down saying the experiment is too dangerous.

But no one tells Sam what to do – yep, Sam is really bad at listening – so that night he returns to Jorah’s cell and gets the knight to agree to the treatment. So with the aid of liquor and biting down on a piece of leather, Sam grabs a scalpel and peel away the greyscale!

And the Saga of The Worthless Greyjoy Continues…

The Greyjoys and the Sands are sailing back to Dorne while Theon watches his sister and Ellaria get their flirt on! The flirting was interrupted when the ship is under attack. Hello, Crazy Uncle Greyjoy and his merry men who literally kill SO MANY people…

…including Obara and Nym Sand. (Pause on your life and live in the GIF for a second!)

Side-note: I am super disappointed by how un-badass the Sand Snakes were/are in this show!

So Euron’s men capture Ellaria and Tyene (I am assuming the first part of his engagement gift to Cersei) while above deck Euron takes Yara and taunts her in front of Theon! It should be noted that literally right before the attack Yara was talking about how her brother will protect her blah, blah, blah…

So Theon takes a beat, drops his sword, and jumps into the water! And now Yara is the second half of that gift…


So the new theory for next week is that Gendry is going to pick up Theon and UGH! I mean, Gendry doesn’t know better but dude leave him!

Next week is LITERALLY a moment we have all been waiting for!

Stay tuned later this week for a BRAND NEW The Word from Westeros

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9 pm on HBO!  

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