‘Game Of Thrones’ Master Player of the Week: The Flames Called The Hound!

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Season 7 | Episode 1 | “Dragonstone”

Welcome, Game of Thrones fans to the NEW weekly post where a resident (or sometimes non-resident) of Westeros is crowned the Master Player of the Week. This may or may not be in direct relation to me justifying my team, Killing The Starkly, picks for my Game of Thrones fantasy league I am a part of with co-workers.

Anyway, let’s take a look back at season 7 episode 1 and see who was the Master Player of the Week

The Hound

Sure, Arya had a great opening scene – killing off a whole house and all. But, The Hound was on fire the whole time he was on the screen. The Hound never misses an opportunity to get his sarcastic remarks in no matter who he is traveling with but he is a real comedy act when he is with the Brotherhood without Banner. Though things got real real real fast for The Hound.

Though he may not fully understand the power of The Lord of The Light maybe the Lord of The Light understands the power of The Hound because The Hound had a pretty graphic vision when he looked into the flames! Which was kind of a big deal because 1) those damn White Walkers are coming 2) The Hound is still pretty scared of fire!

While all that was good and important, The Hound won the crown of Master Player of the Week because of the deep grief he felt when he found the bodies of the farmer and his two daughters. Sure he is kind of directly linked to the reason the three are dead, The Hound was once depicted in the same light as his awful brother The Mountain. But just like he was able to convince Arya, over the years The Hound has been able to show us he is more than a large killing machine. Not to completely give up all his street cred and go soft, in the middle of the night The Hound is found by Thoros of Myr outside trying to give the family a proper burial.

Honorable Mentions:

Lyanna Mormont

This girl is a powerhouse! And everyone seems to think so, during the week I saw several memes stating that if she had three dragons Game of Thrones would have already ended. She is an honorable mention this week simply for standing up to the Lords of the North and proving that any girl is as strong as any boy!

Euron Greyjoy

Two good hands…

…and that a killer make-over!

WHAT! Okay yes, all three are on my fantasy league – you guys should be on my side! 

You can read the full “Dragonstone” recap here!

Who will take the crown next week?

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9pm on HBO!

Kait Calabrò

Kait Calabrò

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