‘Doctor Who’ Finally Decides to Hand the TARDIS Key over to a Female Lead

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The Thirteenth Doctor of Doctor Who has been revealed! And shocking most people, BBC actually went with a female lead for this regeneration of the infamous Doctor Who. This is a cause for celebration that such a long standing show finally broke the mold (albeit, only a gender mold) and didn’t go with a white male lead. Instead, they went with a white female lead played by Jodie Whittaker (Broadchurch, Attack the Block). Watch the announcement below.


Whittaker will take over the role in the upcoming Christmas special that will see the departure of Peter Capaldi. And will then lead the 2018 season.

I’m excited to see Jodie Whittaker take on the role and reinforce that women can play iconic characters as well. I just wish she wasn’t number Thirteen and that she’s taking over the reigns after the show killed off another character of color that also happened to be gay.

This past season of Doctor Who had them bring on the companion Bill. She was an absolute delight and the fans went crazy over her. Bill was Black, she was gay, and she was spunky. She was the perfect embodiment of the youth of today. And she was killed off at the end of her first and only season. Well, sort of killed off seeing as she is now an alien version of herself traveling the universe with her one-time date from the beginning of the season. This happened with the Tenth’s Doctor companion, Martha, as well. Fans were excited to have a Black companion since they knew a Black Doctor wasn’t happening anytime soon and the show gave her one season with the Doctor and then wrote her off. She did make a cameo later on where it was revealed she was now married to the only other Black character from Doctor Who, Mickey. Yeah, I know.

Team the above nonsense of killing off a character of color while white companions get multiple seasons with the fact that writing hasn’t been that strong for the past few seasons and well, you’ve got me not all that excited for the latest Doctor. Trust me, I really really wish I could be jumping up and down out of excitement for this news but the show has just gone done this hill where it snags my interest every once in a while but then pushes me back down into disinterest. My interest level would be much higher if Bill was still a companion and Doctor Who would be focused on two women traveling the universe and through time (or if the female lead wasn’t white). Seriously, that would be awesome. Instead, I can only dream of the show BBC keeps unknowingly teases fans with. Bill and Heather exploring the universe. Clara and Ashildr traveling through time. Madam Vastra and Jenny Flint having adventures. River Song. Oh my god, freaking River Song!

BBC and Doctor Who, you better make River Song appear with the Thirteenth Doctor to perk up my interest!

Now, I’m going to hand over this article to fellow writer and Doctor Who-watcher, Kait Calabrò.

My relationship with Doctor Who has been a complex one. I fell hard for the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler and that affection only grew with the Tenth Doctor and Rose. I had a hard time continuing watching after Rose left but was able to pick up when Eleventh Doctor took over. I did feel some kind of justification during “The Day of The Doctor” when we learn just how important Rose was. Sorry, I could write about Rose all day. Any who, I watched the Eleventh Doctor say goodbye in “The Time of the Doctor” and stuck around to see Peter Capaldi’s take on the Twelfth Doctor through Season 8 Episode 1 and then completely lost interest…

I like many felt like the storylines were getting stale, the show did not know what to do with the companions or Capaldi, and so I checked out. I would usually watch the Christmas Special because those would be the best but I cannot tell you much in terms of what was actually going on with the Twelfth Doctor. I thought there was hope for the series when they announced Bill but that was shorted lived.

But then today happened. Just last night I was chatting with Tricia about the new Doctor Who announcement and we both were trying not to get our hopes up. So today as I was driving home from getting my morning coffee and notification pop up on my phone that the Thirteenth Doctor would be a woman! I pulled over, because I do not believe in texting and driving, and took a moment to process the news while texting both Tricia and Monica. No matter what people say this is a big deal! After 12 male Doctors and 50+ years – the Doctor is now a female! And I will now watch the show again. See ladies, you can literally be anything you want to be in all the galaxies and we should all celebrate this moment!

And finally, let’s hear from our Editor-in-Chief, Tricia Ennis!

I have to admit, I haven’t watched an episode of Doctor Who since Peter Capaldi took over, but with Moffatt out of the showrunner seat and a female Doctor, I might have to finally jump back in. I’m excited for the opportunity to play around with gender roles on the show, maybe see what a male companion does – so long as the dynamic between Doctor and Companion remains the same. I think the only thing I’m worried about is that they might write her as Female first, Doctor second.

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