‘Batgirl’ is Supposedly Close to Picking An Actress to Wear the Suit But we Aren’t Exactly Thrilled With the Shortlist

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Batgirl is pretty much my favorite heroine. Her brains, her skills, and her wit have made her an icon to myself and many other fans. So obviously I was excited when I heard DC was finally going to make a solo Batgirl film. Although is any superhero movie really solo anymore? I mean Marvel and DC make sure to have other characters appear in “solo” films all the time.

Anyway, a casting shortlist has allegedly been revealed. So let’s see who is on that list. My reactions to the casting are in bold.

  • Frontrunner: Katherine Langford (13 Reasons WhyI have yet to watch the hit Netflix series she stars in so I can’t give a definitive yay or nay but she does seem fresh enough to grow into the role of Barbara Gordon. 
  • Elle Fanning: (Neon DemonNO. I know the Fannings can act but they’ve left the blockbuster life behind to be artsy and I don’t think Elle can take on kick ass.
  • Olivia Cooke (Bates MotelI’m going to go with No on this one. She’s a great actress but I don’t see her pulling off the suit and fighting alongside Batman, even if it’s Ben Affleck. 
  • Bella Thorne (Famous in LoveHELL TO THE FRIGGIN NO. While I respect Thorne for being open about fame and sexuality, she cannot act. 
  • Margaret Qualley (The LeftoversI’ve never seen her act so I can’t give her a yes or a no. 
  • Jane Levy (Don’t BreatheI definitely like this! Levy has proven she can kick-ass and be sarcastically witty with a smile on her face. 
  • Emma Roberts (Scream QueensNO. She definitely has better acting chops than Thorne but she pulls off bitch too well to be do-good Batgirl. 
  • Hailey Lu Richardson (SplitI’m on board for this. She’s quirky and athletic. 
  • Naomi Scott (Power Rangers) She did a great job as the Pink Ranger but I don’t know if she can pull off Batgirl too.

Of course, now I would like to do some fan casting. Since Joss Whedon is currently busy with taking over the Justice League, there could still be time for a new actress to throw her cowl into the ring!

  • Lili Reinhart (Riverdale) – She’s already got great detective skills as we’ve seen on Riverdale and she’s also proven she can take down the bad guys.
  • Rose McIver (iZombie) – She’s already part of a team that takes down bad guys, plus she’s smart and can wear the hell out of combat gear.
  • Ruth Negga (Preacher) – I love Ruth and she’s a powerhouse on Preacher, kicking the crap out of every asshole she comes across.
  • Lily Collins (To The Bone) – Hey, Mortal Instruments might have been a failure but I think Collins could use the skills from that movie and work on them to become Batgirl.

My fellow AGtM writer and geekette, Kait Calabrò, threw in actresses she thinks would wear the Batgirl symbol well. And to no surprise, she shares my feelings on Thorne being on the shortlist.

NOPE to Bella Thorne! Really DC, really? Don’t f*!K this up!
  • Jane Levy (Don’t Breathe) – I believe Levy is actually on the official short list which makes sense, I can see her portraying the Batgirl of Burnside very well!
  • Brittany Snow (Pitch Perfect 2) -Snow can rock red hair, and yes I would like Batgirl to have red hair, and I think she can pull off the big-eyed wonder of an origin story.
  • Holland Roden (Teen Wolf) – This is simply based just on her looks — ugh, yes I feel dirty even writing that!
  • Vanessa Hudgens (Powerless) – I am still not over Powerless being canceled and I think DC can throw Hudgens a bone. The show proved she can live among superheroes and is quick with wits.
San Diego Comic Con is this week so maybe we’ll hear some news on the Batgirl front??? Who are you hoping will portray Batgirl?
Monica Piluso

Monica Piluso

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