‘American Gods’ Recap – “Come to Jesus”

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So we hit the finale of American Gods and witnessed some true god powers and some badass women.

The show started with Mr. Wednesday and Shadow at Mr. Anansi’s place, waiting in robes as Mr. Anansi and his spiders create the perfect suits for them. But Mr. Anansi decides to stop and tell them a story of a goddess that was so powerful that men decided to find ways to take that power from her. This is the story of Bilquis.

Bilquis was a fierce queen and goddess. People flocked to worship her and many kings tried to knock her down but the kings only succeeded in worshiping her. And when Bilquis was done with them, they were gone, liquefied and absorbed into her. Fast forward to the 70s and she’s a disco queen. She’s dancing and invites others to give into their bodily desires when soldiers burst in and start taking her power away by forcing themselves on others. Mr. Anansi says they forced her into the backseat but she steeled herself and decided she would play their game. But soon sexually transmitted infections took over and her power decreased. By 2013 she was a homeless woman on the streets of Hollywood, a sliver of who she once was. She passes a tv and sees her temple in Yemen being destroyed and she crumbles knowing her time is really at an end. But then Technical Boy finds her and hands her a cell phone and tells her she can use the internet and social media to reinvent herself, to have people worship her again. “Wanna play?” he asks.

Mr. Anansi asks Shadow if he knows the moral of the story. Shadow doesn’t and Mr. Anansi barbs him and Mr. Wednesday’s need for him. The moral of the story is to get yourself a queen! Mr. Wednesday killed one of their gods so now he needs a queen on his side. Shadow flips out on Mr. Wednesday again and Mr. Wednesday asks what he’s so mad about. “You cut your friends head off and now we’re getting suits!” Shadow shouts. Mr. Anansi urges him to get angry because angry gets things done.

Shadow once again dreams and he’s climbing up the hill of bones. He makes it to the top of the hill to find the world tree and the white buffalo. He wakes up in the car with Mr. Wednesday and they are on their way to Kentucky. Bunnies are following the car. Mr. Wednesday warns Shadow they may not be welcome. Shadow should be used to this by now.

They arrive at Easter’s house and it’s a celebration. Shadow is delighted because he apparently loves the holiday. He smiles when Mr. Wednesday points her out. Jesus, well one of the Jesi, says hello to Shadow making his jaw drop. Mr. Wednesday reminds him that gods are real if you believe in them. Shadows eyes are starting to open a little more and he notices religious icons everywhere. Easter is giving her speech to the crowd when she spots Mr. Wednesday and stops dead. She’s not happy to see him but she does take quite the liking to Shadow.

All the Jesi surround the trio and Mr. Wednesday decides to not be nice. He cuts to the quick and reminds Easter that Jesus ruined her day by taking it over. She’s embarrassed and takes him and Shadow off to a private room. Mr. Wednesday lies to her and tells her that the new gods killed Vulcan. Shadow’s jaw drops but he says nothing. Mr. Wednesday tells Easter that they can make people worship her again. He then asks Shadow to leave the room.

Bilquis is at the museum once again. Her phone rings and it’s Technical Boy. She ignores it but Technical Boy just pops up behind her. He accuses her of avoiding him and then tells her he can do right by her. Bilquis seems to know where this is going and tries to seduce him but he rebukes her. He doesn’t want to end up in her. “You owe me and I’m calling it in,” he sneers at her.

Laura and Mad Sweeney pull up at Easter’s place. She notices everyone looks like Jesus and asks Mad Sweeney, “Are they all Jesus?”

Shadow goes to the pool and talks to the Jesus that said hello to him (Jesus is sitting on water by the way). He asks Jesus if he always believed in a higher power and Jesus tells him that he has. Shadow doesn’t think he’s ever really believed in anything despite him being slightly thrown off that Laura didn’t believe in anything.

Mr. Wednesday tells Easter she can starve people into submission, which is pretty hardcore. Her face reveals she’s tempted but then a bunny comes to her and alerts her that Mad Sweeney and Laura are downstairs. Laura is vomiting maggots in the bathroom before Easter comes in and asks why Mad Sweeney brought her a dead girl. Mad Sweeney doesn’t want her to be dead anymore and tells Easter she owes him a favor.

Before Easter can work her magic, she needs to know why Laura died. She stares into her and realizes she was killed by a god not by natural forces. There’s nothing she can do in that situation. The bunny alerts her about more guests and Easter leaves the room. Laura turns to Mad Sweeney and asks, “Which fucking god?”

Media is the latest guest and is dancing with a faceless henchman.

Laura has Mad Sweeney by the balls, literally, and demands an answer. Mad Sweeney tells her that Mr. Wedneday ordered him to kill her because he needed Shadow. Laura realizes Mr. Wednesday was the one to ruin their casino heist and cause everything that went wrong in their lives. “What does Wednesday have to lose?” she asks.

Media asks Easter if Mr. Wednesday is there. Easter tries to lie and say he was but he’s gone now. But Media pushes Easter’s buttons and Easter snaps and says she feels misreprensented by the new gods. Media tells her to “Get over it.” What happens if they all decide God doesn’t exist? Henchmen dance behind her. Mr. Wednesday walks onto the scene and asks what would happen if they all believed? Technical Boy joins this little battle and once again tells Mr. Wednesday he has no juice left in him and that the old gods can’t fight progress.

Mr. Wednesday tells them that gods make things happen and then Mr. World and his shaky face appear. They bicker with each other until Mr. Wednesday inspires Easter to take back her power and day when he creates a storm that strikes the henchmen dead and offers it as a sacrifice to her. He then turns to Shadow and asks him if he has faith. Shadow wants to know who Mr. Wedneday really is. Mr. Wednesday goes into a grand speech finally revealing that he’s Odin. This does it for Easter and she shows off her power by turning into petals and then taking life from all of the plant life for miles and miles. Media is in shock, “What have you done?” But Easter just smiles and revels in her power.

Shadow finally takes the leap and announces that he believes. He believes everything. Then a mmhmm is heard from the balcony and Laura who doesn’t give a fuck what’s going on says that she would like to have a word with her husband. Shadow smiles at her.

Bilquis is on a bus headed to the House on the Rock.

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