Geeky Ladies Celebrate the Wonder that is ‘Wonder Woman!’

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76 years and it was worth the wait for this Wonder Woman…

To say that Wonder Woman is a hit would be an understatement. The film is rocking the box office and has officially pleased the critics and most importantly the audiences — leaving many in tears of pure joy and empowerment and hope for the future not only in terms of the DCU but the future of the representation of women in film both in screen and off (hey Patty Jenkins!).

The film follows the origin story of Diana, Princess of the Amazons, as she embarks on a journey to save mankind and become Wonder Woman. The film is not only visually appealing, filled with action, love, drama, oh and a female lead that proves that gender mean nothing when you have a heart of a warrior!

I will be the first to admit that Wonder Woman was not a film I was waiting for. I did not grow up with Wonder Woman, or any female superheroes for that matter, the way boys grow up with Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Captain America, the list keeps going. As I was sitting in the theater I could not be more surprised by the emotions I felt. At this point it is not news that grown women have been sharing the impact watching Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman climb the ladder into “No Man’s Land” and fight for peace. Though Diana was refreshingly comfortable with her own sexuality, in this moment – a moment that has not been seen in many if any action films – Diana is not depicted as anything less then strong. That strength vibrates off the screen and sends chills through the audience as we all held our breath and watch a trained warrior become the superhero we have all been waiting for, whether were knew it or not,

Seeing Wonder Woman on the big screen has had an impact on ladies everywhere, after watching the film I reached out to some of my geeky lady friends to get they reaction to the Goddess owning the silver screen!

Monica Piluso

How does one even begin to talk about what Wonder Woman means to them? I guess I’ll start from when I was a young woman just getting into comics. One of my first introductions into female superheroes was Wonder Woman. She immediately took my attention and I wanted to learn more about the woman that was not only a superhero but a freaking Amazonian warrior. She was a goddess. She didn’t need saving because she did the saving.

Fast forward to seeing Wonder Woman appear in the abysmal Batman v Superman and my jaw dropped that something amazing actually came out of that movie! And it kept getting better. I mean you can only go up from BvS anyway, right? The film landed Patty Jenkins as the director, so it was double the girl power. And with every teaser and photo released, my hopes were high that Jenkins was just as much a fan of the iconic character as I was.

Seeing the film in theaters this week was an absolute dream come true. Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot delivered a Wonder Woman that I was in awe of. She was strong, compassionate, funny, brave, and loving. She put her heart into everything she did and it never struck her to be embarrassed or ashamed of what she felt and did (enjoy that ice cream!). My emotions were overflowing (I did tear up a bunch) in seeing a superhero that wasn’t afraid to be vulnerable while kicking ass.

But as much as it meant to me, it was also amazing to see the joy and admiration in my nieces’ faces and hear their outbursts of delight when Wonder Woman charged into battle and defeated the bad guys in front of her. Knowing that they can grow up seeing more positive females take over the big screen is fantastic. And not to leave the young boys out, my toddler-aged nephew constantly runs around the house with his Wonder Woman shield, not knowing nor caring that it belongs to a female superhero. He just thinks she’s awesome. I can’t wait for that to be the norm but until then, we all need to emulate Wonder Woman and face each day with the strength of an Amazon.

Emily Kelley

Wonder Woman isn’t my favorite comic book heroine — but she still means a great deal to me. For years, she was the only female comic book character that had merchandise. That had as big a following as Superman or Batman. That people automatically recognized. And like so many of the fictional women I loved growing up — Princess Leia, Hermione Granger, and Buffy Summers — Diana of Themyscira was a shining beacon of intelligence, bravery, and strength who was still so distinctly female.

Gal Gadot brought all of the facets of Wonder Woman to life on screen with this film — the powerful warrior who doesn’t shy away from the call of battle and the compassionate woman who sees the worst of mankind and still chooses to defend it. Sitting in that theatre, I was on the brink of tears from not only the extreme bad assness of it all, but with the realization that the movie’s message was exactly what we needed right now.

Women are capable. Women are warriors. Women are heroes. And only love can save the world.

Amy Giardiniere

Wonder Woman is a beautiful beacon of true heroism, courage, power, & love. I wept tears of pure joy when I finally saw my hero shine bright on the big screen. Personally, the “No Man’s Land” scene hit me the hardest. She climbed up a ladder and into a massacre determined to get across. Bullets were flying so fast that she had to learn how to dodge. The look of pure confidence on her face made me feel hope deep in my heart, something I haven’t felt that strongly in quite some time. Wonder Woman taught me (a 34 year old woman) that I do have the power to overcome the hardships and obstacles in my life – and if I get stuck I can learn how to keep going.

L. Freeman

When I was five years old, I had a set of Wonder Woman Underoos. I have no clue whether I picked them out, or my parents gave them to me, or if I received them as a gift. All I do know is that I loved the heck out of them. If I could wear them, I would. I even wore them on a plane full of Japanese businessmen flying to England, and I wore them running up and down the isles yelling, “I’m Wonder Woman!” The businessmen were appalled, but I didn’t care one inch. Later, when I was able to watch the television show with Lynda Carter and had gone through two more sets of the Underoos, I perfected my spinning and my giant jumps as Wonder Woman joined the GI Joe boys in the neighborhood. Together, we saved the world on multiple occasions.

She is a part of my history and my childhood just as she is for so many other women may age. Now, as a woman myself, to see such an icon image brought to life by Gal Gadot on the big screen, its hard to put into words what that means, but what I can say is this. For my whole life, I have watched mens’ superheroes dominate the small and the big screen, with female characters existing only on the periphery and most of the time being the one rescued. When women have been portrayed in a heroic manner in film, they are angsty and almost apologetic for wanting to use their strengths. Sometimes it even goes so far as the women don’t want to do anything with their powers but feel as if they are obligated to do it anyway. Wonder Woman was never any of those things. She was unapologetic, and she owns every power and strength she has. Girls, women, we don’t hear or see that message enough. Even when we have good ideas, we often apologize to the rest of the people for bringing it up. Not Diana Prince. Not Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman taught me that girls can be smart, strong, a force for good, and not have to apologize for any of it. That’s what this movie means to me.

Deena Pagliarello

So I’ve already seen Wonder Woman twice, and it just opened last Friday if that’s any indication of how wonderful (pardon the pun) this film is. It shocks me to hear that the scene featuring Diana walking over No Man’s Land nearly didn’t happen. I think it was the most important scene in the entire film, she becomes Wonder Woman in this moment. With the box office and critical reception it’s received, I think it only furthers the point that more films like this need to be made.

Samantha Swank

I love superhero movies. But what I love more? Lady superheroes, kicking butt and taking names (in cuter outfits). It was amazing to see a superhero movie where the woman wasn’t eye candy in the background, but SHE was front and center. Everyone followed Wonder Woman’s lead. She was in charge. Wonder Woman is a capable, strong, inspirational hero, and I’m euphoric that little girls have her to look up to. I can’t believe I’d gone my whole life without seeing a woman save the day. I hope the next generation never goes without it.

Tricia Ennis

I tried really hard to keep my excitement over this movie to a minimum. Practice cautious optimism, that was my mantra for years leading up to this movie. MoS, BvS, Suicide Squad were all such a disappointment that I didn’t dare get my hopes up. Even when every critic I knew said it was great, I couldn’t let it get to me. I sat in the theater on opening night bouncing with nerves, praying it would be good and holy crap. Wonder Woman isn’t just good, it is WONDERFUL, pun both intended and said with pride. The movie is beautifully shot, the Amazons are all I could have wanted from a nation of powerful women, and Diana is exactly how I have imagined her for years. She is kind, compassionate, fierce, brave, strong, stubborn and passionate. She fights for the purest form of Justice, promotes peace, and loves with all her being. This movie is not perfect but it is better than I ever dared hope.

Whether you grow up worshipping Wonder Woman or this was your first time, the film ha proven so much to so many. A female superhero is able to captivate audiences!

It maybe due to our current political climate and how some of us are still heartbroken over the events that took place several months back, but I cannot help but tear up thinking about a little girl looking up at the movie screen and watching Diana and the Amazons train knowing that there are limitations to what a person not just a women can do. That is why people are crying, that is why this film is important, we all need a beacon of hope and that is what Diana Prince our Wonder Woman has given to us.

So NEVER stop Being Brave, Seeking Justice, and Believing in Love because in the end it could just save the world…

Wonder Woman is now playing EVERYWHERE!

Kait Calabrò

Kait Calabrò

Lady Kaitlin Marie Bernadette Calabrò of House Ravenclaw, First of Her Name; Mother of Recaps, Breaker of News, Khaleesi of Wonder Wharf, Queen of Geekdom, and Empress of Anglophiles, is the Managing Editor of AGtM.  By day she is the Marketing Manager of the Philadelphia Film Society, by night she is a serious relationship with her Netflix account. Kait is a proud Temple Owl! And is currently in a celebrity feud with both Samuel L. Jackson and Zachary Levi, unbeknownst to them. She spends her evenings watching the skies waiting for Thor to fly down and take her back to Asgard!
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