“American Gods” – ‘A Murder of Gods’ Recap

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So what are Shadow, Laura, and the gods up to this week?

The show starts off with Mexicans trying to cross the border into the United States. The journey is getting to them when out of nowhere, Jesus saves a man from drowning. His help is short lived though as border agents come upon the group and shoot everyone down, including Jesus. Poor Jesus.

Shadow and Mr. Wednesday are walking back to the motel to retrieve their car and get moving. Shadow wants to know what’s going on but Mr. Wednesday evades his questions. This obviously irritates Shadow who demands Mr. Wednesday answer a damn question. Mr. Wednesday finally relents and tells him the cops were sacrificed. He huffs knowing Shadow won’t believe him but Shadow surprises him and finally tells him about Laura coming back from the dead.

They find Shadow’s motel room trashed and empty. “Was your wife just as messy when she was alive?” Shadow is hoping Laura comes back but Mr. Wednesday wants to get going and tells Shadow that the dead come back with a purpose and they’ll do anything to accomplish that, which makes him nervous. They get in the car and Mr. Wednesday distracts Shadow as he spots Laura trying to flag them down.

Laura runs into her new best friend Mad Sweeney and he decides to change his course of action and help Laura with her mission so he can get his gold coin back. To help convince her, he name drops Jesus and how he can possibly get her resurrected. She agrees despite hating his guts and they try to steal the taxi but that taxi belongs to Salim and he points a gun at Mad Sweeney. Salim overheard them talking and asks Mad Sweeney if he knows where to find a Jinn. Mad Sweeney realizes he’s out of luck so he agrees to take both Salim and Laura to find their desired. But first, they need to go to Kentucky.

Shadow is still injured from being impaled by the tree. He won’t stop bleeding and Mr. Wednesday looks concerned for once. But he knows what to do and they pull over so he can coax the roots that were embedded in Shadow to come out. It’s pretty nasty.

Salim is driving and has no qualms about being open with what’s on his mind. He’s scared and this annoys the hell out of Mad Sweeney. Which isn’t hard to do with Mad Sweeney. Salim lets this roll off him and tells them how the Jinn gave him a new life. Laura tells him to “fuck those assholes” and Salim smiles at this. Well, at least some of the group is starting to bond. Mad Sweeney goes to sleep and Laura gently urges Salim to take a different path, which makes them go the opposite way from Shadow and Mr. Wednesday.

That duo has made their way to Vulcan, Virginia, which is all about the guns. Our introduction to the town is a boss at a bullet factory falling into a vat of molten metal and becoming part of the bullets. This apparently happens on the regular and is actually a sacrifice to the god Vulcan without the townspeople knowing it. Vulcan, who appears to be the mayor of the town, is one of the few gods that is ecstatic to see Mr. Wednesday. He’s all about a war.

Laura has directed her group to the Crocodile bar, which aggravates Mad Sweeney. They order drinks and Mad Sweeney decides to spit some truth at Laura. Shadow isn’t her man anymore, he belongs to Mr. Wednesday. She needs to get herself a new life like Shadow and Salim. But what life can a zombie have?

Shadow is extremely uncomfortable in the presence of Vulcan, who is proud of his hanging tree in the front yard. But Mr. Wednesday isn’t bothered by this, he’s invigorated by Vulcan ready to go to war and he requests that Vulcan makes him a blade for battle. “You trust him?” Shadow asks. Mr. Wednesday does because he knows who he is. He knows Shadow is still distracted by Laura and reiterates that Shadow needs to let her fade away.

Vulcan forges the sword and then Mr. Wednesday reveals that he knows Vulcan has already made an alliance with the new gods. The guns were his rebranding. Vulcan acts shocked at first but admits that he revels in every mass shooting because it’s a prayer to him. Mr. Wednesday picks up the sword and slices off Vulcan’s head and kicks his body into the vat of molten metal. Shadow’s jaw is on the floor in shock. Mr. Wednesday adds insult to injury by peeing into the vat.

The episode ends with Salim praying at the side of the road, while Laura and Mad Sweeney look on.

American Gods airs on Starz, Sundays at 9pm.

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