In Defense of ‘Twin Peaks’ Season Two…

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It goes without saying that people are not fans of the second season of the David Lynch series, Twin Peaks…but I personally LOVE the second season and find it superior to the first.

Back several weeks ago I embarked on my journey to Twin Peaks in preparation for the new season coming to Showtime on May 21st. I would be lying to say it was easy to get into the melodramatic and sometimes just simply strange series. By the time I finally reached the season one finale I was hooked. Season one was a sensible eight episodes that primarily focused on the mystery of the murder of Laura Palmer. The second season increases to 22 episodes. For what I have gathered in my research a lot of regular Peaks watchers dipped out once they learned who was the murderer, which you find out pretty early on in the second season. Which is a freaking shame because there is so much more to the bizarre town on Twin Peaks than freaking Laura Palmer.

I may have started watching this series ironically but I have fallen hard for it, specially the expanded character story lines in season two. Since you are still probably on the fence about your feelings about season two, here are several reasons why you should give it another go…

Laura, Gone but Not Forgotten…Well Kind of Forgotten.

As I mention above, we learn early on in the second season who killed Laura (I will not reveal the name out of respect for people still binge watching) and after that the people of Twin Peaks kind of more or less went on with their lives. Which is fine because even when the main story line was who killed Laura it was never really about the poor girl just how her death effected everyone else — directly looking at you Donna and James.

With the mystery of Laura’s death now behind us, the series was able to focus on even odder and wickedly entertaining story lines like but not limited to: the reenactment of the Civil War starring Benjamin Horne, both Katherine and Andrew coming back from the dead, Nadine believing she is a teenager, and meals on wheels. Proving that there really is never truly a dull moment in this town.

Agent Cooper Backstory

The audience as well as the residents of Twin Peaks all seamlessly fall for the quirk and charm of Special Agent Dale Cooper but the doughnut and coffee loving FBI agent has a dark past. In season two we learn about the girl he lost and what really went down in Pittsburgh. Though I am holding out hope we finally learn the true identity of Diane in this new series.

The Evolution of the Hornes

In the second season of Twin Peaks the characters of Audrey and Benjamin Horne really develop beyond the rich and vain characters we met in the first season. I mean the first several episodes in season two were a bit rough for both characters but than they become clear. Benjamin is still kind of an asshole but after losing a huge deal (and for a hot second his mind) becomes an honest asshole.

I personally think it goes without saying that the character that truly evolves in this second season is Audrey. Unlike most of the female characters, Audrey doed not base every decision of her life on what a man wants her to do. Sure in season one she gets into the investigation to help out Agent Cooper because she has a crush and she clearly acts out because she desperately wants the approval of her father. Though there is a switch in the second season for Audrey, once she is rejected by Cooper and sees that her father has a weakness inside him she is able to find her own self-worth and takes her future into her own hands. Audrey Horne becomes liberated from the men of her past and even possibly the future, leaving the very dreamy Jack back in Twin Peaks while she goes off on a business trip — I would advise that unlike Audrey you should stay in high school.

You may have come to Twin Peaks for the mystery but you should stay for Audrey.

The FBI is Cool?

As someone who has spent hours watching every minute of The X-Files plus the two movies, I have grown to believe that the FBI hates anyone that dares think outside the box. Mulder can bring up any odd theory that sometimes actually has evidence to back it up and he is called Spooky and sent to the basement.

But, Cooper has visions and chats with a giant that no one else sees and that are somehow treated as clues and evidence. Like the FBI never second guesses him. In fact the only thing that they get upset about is him crossing the board to save a girl — come on Cop! Maybe the Cigarette Smoking Man just doesn’t care what happens that far north….

“I Have No Idea Where this Will Lead Us, but I Have a Definite Feeling it Will be a Place both Wonderful and Strange.”

Wonderful and strange are two words that could not be more perfect when it comes to describing Twin Peaks and the series takes both concepts to the next level in the second season.

It is hard not to find the TV series to be down right cheesy and funny while watching in 2017 because we have been spoiled by the new wave of what some are calling the “golden age of television.” But, we have the pull back revealing more to the series. At the time of the series run on ABC (yes, Twin Peaks was on the same station that recently brought you Imaginary Mary) in 1990-1991 the series was like nothing most people had seen. Whenever I start to feel guilty about laughing at Twin Peaks, I remember that in 20 years someone somewhere will be watching Game of Thrones and laughing at how fake the dragons look. We have to remember it is not the look that is timeless but the story and Twin Peaks was revolutionary, leading the way for series that have also been revolutionary in their own rights like The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and maybe even The Sopranos.

Lynch took the notion of a soap opera and made it so brilliantly weird you can not help but wonder why, why would any of this happen. And the final moment of the second and for the past 25 years last season of Twin Peaks left almost everyone that made it to that point questioning WHY. I am so very truly excited for everyone that has been waiting so long for answers and I sure as f*!k hope we get some!

Return to Twin Peaks on Sunday May 21st at 9 pm on Showtime! 

Kait Calabrò

Kait Calabrò

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