Stars of ’12 Monkeys’ Talk Season 3 Binging, Time Period Hopping, and Some Barf Worthy Love

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12 Monkeys is back and Cassie and Cole are in for quite the adventure. I mean, it’s a given when you are the parents of The Witness. You try to save the world and then you find out you’re a huge part of the end of the world. They are STRESSED.

But their troubles won’t be for too much longer as Syfy put an end date on the show with a fourth and final season. Before we get too ahead of ourselves though, let’s talk about season 3, which premieres on Syfy this weekend in a binge-format and what stars Amanda Schull and Aaron Stanford had to say about the upcoming season and working on the show.

Season 3 is taking a cue from Netflix and allowing fans to just binge season 3, instead of anxiously waiting a week between episodes. Stanford thinks binging the season is great and it’s how enjoys his favorite media. Schull is excited for fans to gobble up the season.

This season is all about choices and sacrifices. Stanford admits that his character Cole has put saving Cassie before saving the world. Which means there might not be a world to save if he focuses on Cassie. Schull talked about her character Cassie willing to end her life in order to save the world. The dilemma of one for many. But they aren’t the only characters on the show who have had to face the personal decision of personal gain versus the greater good.

Schull and Stanford mentioned how their characters have done complete reversals from previous seasons. Cole was on a suicide mission to save humanity when he volunteered for the program. But now that he has learned his son with Cassie is the Witness, everything has changed and become personal. This causes a greater divide between him and Cassie as her mothering instincts take over and cause her to want to try to save their child and keep him from becoming the Witness at all. When asked about their apocalypse starting child, both stars knew mid-season 2 they would be parents to the Witness and how it was interesting to work with the actor who would play their adult son.

The mood of questioning lightened up a bit when Schull and Stanford got to reveal their favorite time periods to play dress up in. Stanford, “My favorite place is actually in season 4.” Sadly, he wasn’t allowed to share the details. Schull picked the 80s for Stanford and noted that Cole’s Marty McFly outfit was a real winner for her. As for herself, she loved channeling Breakfast at Tiffanys and being able to clean up from her apocalypse days. Stanford added that Schull seamlessly fits into every time period the show throws her into. A hint of jealousy there? I’m kidding.

A question was thrown out to the stars on what advice they would give their characters. Schull would tell Cassie to give herself a damn breather. But she didn’t stop with her character! Schull would gladly tell Cole to start getting his act together and make some damn plans! Stanford was quick to defend his character and state everything works out in the end for him and Cassie’s plans seem to fall apart. As for himself, he would tell Cole to get off the cross and stop with the self-loathing. Cole needs to give himself a pat on the back every once in a while.

Schull and Stanford agreed their long hiatus was jarring but they’re excited to be back and share the story with fans. While social media can be a minefield, it’s interesting for them and besides, they deal with crazy time traveling stories all the time, what’s a couple of tweets?

The final item on the table to discuss is Cassie and Cole’s relationship. Season 1 saw them as a united front and starting to fall for each other. Season 2 had them at odds. Season 3 separates them. But a love that crosses time can’t easily be dismissed.

Stanford, “Cassie can’t come to terms that she’s head over heels for Cole.” Schull, “Oh my god, so many barfs.” After laughing for a bit over this they admitted season 3 will be full of complications for them. In the backs of their minds, there’s always the thought of saving the world means they would never meet.

Could we live in a world without Cassie and Cole?

12 Monkeys returns to Syfy May 19 at 8pm/7pm c. Rewatch the first two seasons on Hulu!

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