Why The NEW ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Trailer Is Grinding My Gears!

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Oh come on … I am rooting for you … damnit!

So teenage Kait LOVED and LIVED for Pirates of the Caribbean! I would go see the films at midnight (before studios were like let’s have movies come out at 7pm on Thursday) and sure some of the films were flawed but I will always come back for more.

And now the fifth film is right around the corner and I am still excited and hopeful. The plot is fresh and seems to be a wee bit less complex then the pervious three and we get a Jack origin story. Though CGI young Jack is not my favorite this is already starting the conversation that Jack spin-offs could happen and yes this is an awful idea but Disney is currently on an origin kick. Let’s just hope that Pirates does the right thing.

Now to what I have really brought you here today for, let’s chat about the new trailer that was dropped last week. Watch the trailer below…

Yes, we finally got our first look at the return of Will Turner (for like a hot second)…

…still going with the idea that Brenton Thwaites’ Henry is the son of Will and Elizabeth and it looks like Will is confronting his son in the trailer. And it seems like that theory is correct because Disney also releases a featurette where they confirmed him as “Henry Turner” via an interview. Now I really thought we were going to try to keep this a secret until the movie comes out but okay, I will take it and like it!

So all that is good but then we get to the “new” tagline which is really grinding my gears! So I am picking up the whole “pirates death” thing that is happening this go around but the new tagline is….”All Pirates Must Die.

Now I love Pirates but there maybe something that I love more, Game of Thrones. And if you recall – like me – back in 2014 the GoT season 4 tagline was “All Men Must Die.”


I am going to need a moment to get over all of this. Like, I can’t be the only one upset about this!

Anyway…Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales sails into theaters May 26th 

Kait Calabrò

Kait Calabrò

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