‘Bob’s Burgers’ Extra-Rare Performer Of The Week: Mama Linda

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Season 7 | Episode 13 | “The Grand Mama-Pest Hotel”

Welcome, Bob’s Burgers fans, to the weekly post where a member of the Belcher family or supporting character (looking at you Teddy and Jimmy Jr.) is crowned the Extra-Rare Performer of the Week! Hardcore fans of the animated sitcom know that there’s always one breakout, standout character in every Bob’s Burgers episode to celebrate!

I promise that it won’t be Tina Belcher each week but, I mean, she is kind of everyone’s spirit animal.

Note: this weekly post originated on EW Community but now has a new home here at AGtM. Click here to see the extra-rare performers from season six.

A brief summary of what went down in this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, “The Grand Mama-Pest Hotel.” Linda is the chaperone for Tina’s overnight field trip to see female astronaut and karate master. Linda and Tina are super excited for their weekend vacation and Louise is excited to have a boys weekend with Bob and Gene! Though Linda’s dream of a mommy daughter weekend are shattered when Tina becomes friends with a girl from a different school who is staying at the same hotel. This leaves Linda worried – mostly because the other rejected mom puts new thoughts in her mind – that she is losing Tina to the teenage life style!

Meanwhile, back at home Louise and Gene find out that Bob has never had a bachelor party so duh that is what is happening! Apple juice shots, dancing, and Teddy — the three Belchers are having the time of their life!

Desperate to prove that she’s not losing Tina, Linda takes Tina and her new friend Dylan on a hotel prank tour! Though things get out of hand when Linda drops shampoo into the lobby water feature. Linda now have embarrassed Tina, is getting sent home, and had to break-up the bachelor party. She is not giving up on her relationship with Tina, even though Linda is banned from the hotel the next morning thanks to the gas station — Linda (which Bob, Gene and Louise) enters the hotel in full disguise. Linda sneaks into the dressing room of the female astronaut and karate master to convince her to say that her mother motivated her go to space.

Of course in classic Belcher fashion, the panel Q&A turns into a Belcher counseling session but it all ends perfectly when Tina reassures her mother that she will always need her but yes she is growing up.

And now, the Extra-Rare Performer of the Week is: Mama Linda 

Linda loves her kids and loves being involved in all aspects for her kids lives. Now I do not have children but I can simply only imagine that it can not be easy when they start to grow up and not need you anymore. I have been a teenager and I remember being a lot like Dylan. Though in typical Linda Belcher fashion she will not not be proactive. That is why we love her because she really is not “like your typical mom” she is a cool mom. Even is Tina, Gene, and Louise get embarrassed by her then really know she is the best!

Don’t change a thing Linda, you are perfect!

Until next time, stay fresh Bob’s Burgers fans!

Bob’s Burgers airs Sundays on Fox!

Kait Calabrò

Kait Calabrò

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