Let’s Talk About The New ‘Red Rising’ Trilogy ‘Iron Gold’ by Pierce Brown

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The new chapter excerpt from the new Red Rising trilogy series, Iron Gold leaves you wanting the whole damn book!

So I am not one for labels but yes you could call be a Truebie, Tribute, Potterhead, whatever GoT fans are called, feminist killjoy, and most definitely a Howler. I will fully admit that I do have a wee bit of an unhealthy obsession with the Red Rising series as well as the author, Pierce Brown (have you listened to Blurbing It, that will explain a lot).

I – like most Howlers – have been waiting very patiently for the release of Iron Gold, the first novel set in the same world as the Red Rising series but told 10 years later. Back in December Brown shared the slated release date for the book and some information about the plot. Dropping hits at new characters and a hell of a lot of space drama, August could not seem farther away. Brown though took to social media last week to announce that Iron Gold has been push back to a January 2018 release. 

See what the best-selling author had to say below:

Yo, writing is really hard. It should be respected that Brown and his publisher want to make sure that they deliver a book worthy of the characters, story, and most importantly fans. Since the book was pushed back, Brown gave a little treat for fans late last week when he released an excerpt chapter from Iron Gold. Before the chapter was released, Brown did warn that it would not be told from the POV of Darrow.

Well, of course I read the chapter and damn did it leave me wanting way more…like a book amount of more. The chapter is told from the POV of a character Red Rising fans would remember, Lysander au Lune – the grandson of the Sovereign of the Society, Luna Octavia au Lune. At the end of the Red Rising series, Lysander has no remaining family members left and will be hunted down by the many enemies his family gained over the years. Lysander becomes a ward of Cassius au Bellona.

Now 10 years later, Lysander is pretty much all grown up and still working with and being protected by Cassius. Though the chapter does not give too much away in terms of plot it does hint of the distress in the solar system. It would seem that a huge part of the stress maybe coming from the different classes beginning to work together specially with the Obsidians, maybe not all are as good hearted and peaceful as the late Ragnar Volarus.

But to some it up this is how the read will make you feel…

…Yep, just passing the time until January 2018.

Iron Gold will hit the bookshelves in 2018. 

Kait Calabrò

Kait Calabrò

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