‘Bob’s Burgers’ Extra-Rare Performer Of The Week: Valentine Louise

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Season 7 | Episode 9 | “Bob Actually”

Welcome, Bob’s Burgers fans, to the weekly post where a member of the Belcher family or supporting character (looking at you Teddy and Jimmy Jr.) is crowned the Extra-Rare Performer of the Week! Hardcore fans of the animated sitcom know that there’s always one breakout, standout character in every Bob’s Burgers episode to celebrate!

I promise that it won’t be Tina Belcher each week but, I mean, she is kind of everyone’s spirit animal.

Note: this weekly post originated on EW Community but now has a new home here at AGtM. Click here to see the extra-rare performers from season six.

A brief summary of what went down in this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, “Bob Actually.” It is Valentine’s Day for the Belcher gang and everyone is ready to feel some love – even Louise! Though in typical Belcher fashion there were some hiccups along the way to getting all their Valentine wishes come true. Let’s take a cue from the title of this episode and break down the events by character.

Gene – The middle Belcher child sneaks into the lunchroom to get a left over snack from the usual lunch-lady when he finds a new lady in the kitchen. Gene becomes captivated with the new lunch-lady as she prepares chocolate cakes for Valentine’s Day. Though when Gene learns that his new love, the lunch-lady, is waiting fro her beloved he finds love with the left over fudge in the cake bowl!

Tina – After a late night chili eating contest with her siblings, Tina is suffering from some bowel movement issues but she will not miss Valentine’s Day even if she is in so much pain! And good thing she showed up to school because Jimmy Jr. asks her on a lunch time VDay date (so I guess they are really together now?). When Tina meets up with Jimmy Jr. in the gym she founds out that he wants to do an air kiss using the trampoline in front of all their friends and classmates. Tina has to admit in front of Jimmy and her friends that she simply can’t go on the trampoline because her butt just won’t allow it! It is not like Tina to let down her love, so she finds herself some stilts and helps fulfill her Valentine’s wish!

Linda & Bob – At this point, any Bob’s Burgers fan will know that Bob is pretty awful when it comes to Valentine’s Day but this year he has a plan. Like most men, he waits until the last day to actually put the plan in play! Bob was planning on taking some ball room dance classes to impress Linda but when Bob – with Teddy in toe – get to the dance studio the only class they can take is hip hop. It may not be as romantic but after a day of classes, Bob was able to perform a dance for Linda outside the restaurant with some help from Teddy, his dance teacher, and the dance teacher’s son. It was cute and Linda LOVED it!

Louise – The youngest member of the Belcher gang might have the cutest Valentine’s Day out of the bunch. So there has only been one boy that has ever stolen Louise’s heart – Boo Boo from Boyz 4 Now. While I do not believe that Louise is now in love or anything but her actions are simply adorable. Regular Size Rudy asks Louise to meet him during lunch which almost automatically sends red flags — oh no, Rudy wants Louise to be his Valentine! While Louise tries to mentally prep to let Rudy down, it turns out Rudy is seeking Louise’s assistance in wooing another girl. Though Louise thinks she has dodged a bullet when it comes to Valentine’s Day, she can’t help but question why Rudy wouldn’t want her as a valentine. When the girl Rudy has Louise talk to completely flakes, Louise steps in and makes sure that Rudy gets his Valentine’s Day kiss! It is PERFECT and CUTE!

And now, the Extra-Rare Performer of the Week is: Valentine Louise 

Oh, sweet Louise Belcher! There is always at least one moment in every episode where I realize that Louise is only a nine-year-old. it is hard to believe that questionably most clever Belcher really is the one who is actually going through some awkward growing pains. As viewers, we get to witness little moments of Louise growing into her own person.

Now I don’t think that Louise is in love with Rudy all of a sudden but she is beginning to understand the world outside her own and maybe even why people go love crazy (like he big sister Tina). Louise questions why Rudy wouldn’t want her as a Valentine – and so do we – and she feels for her friend. So yes, Louise kisses Rudy and it was adorable but it was a friend kiss because even Louise knows that nothing is worse than a broken heart on Valentine’s Day.

Louise Belcher smarter than any nine-year-old I know or known!

Until next time, stay fresh Bob’s Burgers fans!

Bob’s Burgers airs Sundays at 7:30|6:30c on Fox!

Kait Calabrò

Kait Calabrò

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  • Sara

    Just want to point out these lines from the article.

    ‘Now I don’t think that Louise is in love with Rudy all of a sudden.’

    ‘Louise kisses Rudy and it was adorable but it was a friend kiss.’

    Oh what do you know? You forgot the “t” at the end of “heart” ! >: /

    Sorry but you basically said that the kiss meant nothing special in romantic way; and that it was pretty much done out of pity, which I’m sure is not the case at all. : /

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