This Week in Geek: November 13 – 19, 2016

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Stranger Things season 2 adds new faces. (EW)

Marvel’s The Inhumans gets the green light for ABC. (Variety)

Could a Game of Thrones prequel show be happening? (Bleeding Cool)


Nerdist got the exclusive with Luc Besson about the upcoming movie, Valerian. (Nerdist)

Screenwriter Max Landis has a problem with female leads. (Vanity Fair)

Beauty and the Beast cloned some scenes from the animated movie. (EW)

A gritty live-action Winnie the Pooh? (Bleeding Cool)


Telltale’s next game is looking to be Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. (Bleeding Cool)


Twitter rolls out new anti-harassment tools. (Buzzfeed)

A Quidditch Premier League has been unveiled in the U.K. (THR)

Everything you need to know about Miss America Chavez. (Nerdist)

Monica Piluso

Monica Piluso

I could write something really corny or awesome about me but honestly I'm just a young woman that loves geek culture, laughing, and keys (I have a strange obsession with keys). Follow me on Twitter!: @StoryInTheEnd
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