Your Galaxy Note 7 Might Explode, So What Now?

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As you probably know by now, Samsung has stopped selling the Note 7 completely and you never know which one will explode next. If you have one then it’s time to fork it over. Samsung is issuing refunds so I can’t imagine the process will be very difficult. They need to make it easy to not have anyone sue them and really put a lid on this fire before it gets worse.

So, you have a Note 7, are getting set to return it and now have no phone. What now?

Well, I’ve got the list for you. A list of essentially the higher end phones that are on the same level as 7 without all the explosions.

Galaxy S7 Edge


This is likely the easiest recommendation to make as the Galaxy 7 Edge is essentially a brother or cousin of the Galaxy Note 7. They’re similar in build and have the same great camera. It has the same Samsung software minus the iris scanner but no stylus. For the most part, they’re about the same and you’ll likely have a similar experience. If you consider the explosions it’s already a better experience.

Galaxy S7


The Galaxy S7 falls into the same boat as the S7 Edge. It’s slightly more of a drop-off in specs but essentially the younger brother of the S7 Edge and Note 7. It’s a great phone with a great camera, solid build quality and is a bit smaller. I’d say go for this if you’d prefer a smaller phone but I assume you bought the Note 7 because you wanted the larger screen, so go for the S7 Edge.

iPhone 7 Plus


I am personally not an iPhone fan. I don’t like the OS at all and it often feels too limited for me but if that doesn’t bother you then the iPhone 7 Plus is a wonderful option for you. It boasts a nice large screen, Apple has always had a great hardware design, and if you think having a headphone jack is stupid then this is your choice. It does have water resistance and one of the best cameras in the business. Performance is top notch and that matte black design is quite nice. I would avoid the shiny black option as that has proven to be a fingerprint magnet. If you’re okay with fingerprints then maybe buying a $700 device isn’t what you should be doing.

LG V20


I have the LG V10 and have used it for the past year. I absolutely love this phone. The LG V20 looks to be upgrading this line in all of the right places. The V20 has USB-C, keeps the removable battery and allows for expandable storage. The V20 has a dual rear-camera setup which includes a wide angle lens along with its front-facing wide-angle lens. There are also 3-microphones for better audio input. It also boasts a quad-DAC for better audio playback through the headphone jack. This phone is really geared towards amateur video makers, which is personally right up my alley.

As with the V10, the V20 has a small second screen for notifications and a quick way to open apps. I’ve never found this to be a must-have but sure, it’s a thing. Important to note that there is no water resistance if that’s your jam. It also doesn’t come out until close to the end of October. I’ll likely upgrade to this one by the end of the year and will review it when that time comes.

Google Pixel XL


The Google Pixel XL is a bit of a wildcard but it’s perfect timing for this phone to come onto the market. It’s not out yet and there aren’t many “official” reviews out there just yet but the October 20th release date means you won’t have to wait long. It’s looking like a great high-end phone meant to rival the iPhone as a phone that’s simple and ready to use. It’s not water resistant, doesn’t have a removable battery or expandable storage. Performance is looking to compete with other high-end phones on this list. The camera is being touted as better than the iPhone 7 but again, it hasn’t been proven in the wild just yet.

If you’re feeling lucky, you can dive into this option but it’s best to wait for official reviews to hit the internet, like within a week or two.


It’s unfortunate that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has had so many issues as it was shaping up to a promising addition to Samsung’s lineup. It’s tough to say what this will do to the credibility of the brand and the Note line going forward but only time will tell. For now, if you already have one then it’s time to hand it over for the sake of safety and get yourself one of the phones in the list above.

Let us know if you turned in your Galaxy Note 7 and which phone you decided to go with. Also, check the video version of the article listed above. Let us know what you think of that as well!

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