‘Westworld’ “Chestnut” Recap: A New World

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Season 1 | Episode 2 | “Chestnut”

And we travel further into Westworld with more characters and a hell of a lot more questions!

The second episode really picks up the pace compared to the first and starts bringing up the tension and danger.

Do you Remember

Dolores wakes similar to how she wakes everyday. though, this time she is being beckoned in the middle of the night by a voice that leads her outside saying, “do you remember?”

Later on in the episode, most likely the following night – not really following a proper timeline, Dolores wakes again in the middle of the night. In a trance, Dolores follows the voice outside. She drops to the ground and says, “here” then picks up a gun.

Welcome Cowboy 


Now we learn how one travels into the park!

Logan and William, fancy young businessmen, travel to the modern Westworld headquarters to prepare to travel into the park. This is not Logan’s first rodeo and he is completely comfortable while being guided to gear up by two hosts. Though William is not as comfortable as he learns all about Westworld before heading into the park for the first time. What is real and who is a host?

William joins Logan, with a white cowboy hat and both men fully decked out, on a time appropriate train as they travel into Sweetwater.

Still having problems adjusting, Logan proves to William the differences between hosts and humans by driving a knife through a host’s hand while out to dinner.

William begins to feel more comfortable and even interacts with Dolores in town by picking up the can we saw Teddy do in previous timelines.

These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends


While walking through town, Dolores has a flashback of dead bodies laying in the street. Her flashback is interrupted when Maeve runs into her. Dolores shares her father’s warning with Maeve, “these violent delights have violent ends…”

This phrase seems to be a trigger for the hosts to begin to get past memories from past storylines. Fun fact, this phrase comes from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet as a warning to Romeo about his love for Juliet. Correct me if I am wrong but I believe this is the second Shakespeare mention and I am FREAKING OUT over the possibility of a connection!

While working, Maeve begins to have flashbacks to a brutal attack. Seeming like Maeve maybe needs some adjustments, and the team ups some of her behavioral levels. After some trial and error, Elsie readjusts Maeve and explains to a co-worker who overheard Maeve talk about dreams hat the hosts don’t dream but understand the concept.

That night, though, Maeve dreams of life on a ranch with her daughter. The dream quickly becomes a nightmare when a brutal attack goes down and while trying to defend herself in walks in the Man in Black. Maeve wakes herself and finds in “livestock management” and in the middle of an operation. She escapes the table and wanders around naked, covered in blood, and holding onto her own organs. Maeve finds herself into another room where she witnesses other hosts, including Teddy, being repaired and washed like livestock.

In complete shock, the two techs rush in and shut Maeve down.

In Search of the Maze 

The Man in Black has a very clear mission, to find the entrance to the maze. Since Kissy seems to be a literal dead end, the Man in Black saves Lawrence.

The Man in Black has to destroy Lawrence’s village and kill his wife before his daughter gives the Man in Black the information he needs to continue his search.

A New Story


The board and the glitch seem to be causing a lot of drama at Delos.

Bernard is concerned that there maybe be outside interference at the root of the glitch. Bernard has another conversation with Dolores and asks Dolores to keep their conversation between them.

On a personal note, Bernard and Theresa are doing it!

Ford takes a solo walk in Westworld where he runs into a young boy who is on holiday. Ford tells the young boy to search his imagination. To no one’s surprise, the boy is a host that Ford can control. Pretty sure the boy was probably young Ford who has embedded his family into the world.

Sizemore is working on a new storyline to present to Ford and the board and takes the creation of these new characters very very seriously…it is a shame that Ford hates it and has a story plan of his own!

Master Plan Prediction:

Still think Dr. Robert Ford created the new code to create a self-destruct mode in the park because he knows that he will be replaced in the company. Especially with his new story coming in the picture!

Westworld airs Sundays at 9pm on HBO!

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