Lenovo Yoga Book Pushes Tablets In A New Direction

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Lenovo showed off a bunch of new laptops and tablets at this year’s IFA, including its Lenovo Yoga 900 series (now Lenovo 910), but one took the show with it’s the unique design that blurs the line between laptop and tablet more than ever — the Lenovo Yoga Book.

The Yoga Book is the smallest laptop Lenovo has on its line. The device is being labeled as a tablet, actually, but blurs the lines so well you may mistake it for either one. It’s only .38-inches thick which makes the Macbook look obese. What else is unique about this thing? The keyboard can be used a drawing tablet.


Officially called the Halo Keyboard, which is actually a digital keyboard, the only step up from typing on a display is the fact that you’re not typing on a display. It is said to have a rougher texture which helps with typing as well. There’s also haptic feedback which is a thing.

A press of a button turns the keys off and that space becomes an area for a drawing tablet. It behaves like a Wacom tablet from the on. It reads pen input into any app and even reads pen through paper laid over the input panel, which is a great idea if you prefer the paper texture for drawing.


The specs include an Intel Atom processor, 64 GB of storage and microSD support, 13 hours of battery life, 4G LTE capabilities (!), Wi-Fi, front and rear cameras and a 10.1-inch, 1980×1200 display.

All in all it seems like an incredibly rad idea. It’s going come down to execution when all is said and done. The Yoga Book ships in late October for $500 (Android) and $550 (Windows 10).


The Verge has wonderful editorial on the development and design of the product. You can also find a video version of that review below:

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