Fall Madly in Love with the NEW ‘La La Land’ Trailer!

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Everyone wants someone to look at them the way Ryan Gosling looks at Emma Stone…

It would seem that everyone’s Tuesday got a wee bit better with the release of the brand-new trailer for the highly anticipated musical romance starring God’s angels, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling!

Get swept away in the love, beauty, whimsy, and the lovely sound of Emma Stone singing a heartbreaking melody in the trailer above!

Here is a synopsis for the film via EW.com:

The duo star as an aspiring actress named Mia (Stone) and a dedicated jazz musician named Sebastian (Gosling) who fall for one another while struggling to make ends meet and trying to make it big in Hollywood.

I mean there is literally nothing about this trailer that I hate! Dare I say it? But I am in love.

La La Land brings the romance to theaters December 16th! 

Until then just live with this GIF…


…F*!k, I am weak in the knees!

Kait Calabrò

Kait Calabrò

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