Moon Girl is Officially the Smartest Marvel Hero

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I’ve never been a fan of Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic, leader of the Fantastic Four. He’s a jerk with a massive ego. So when I found out that Marvel announced he is no longer the smartest character in the Marvel universe, I was filled with joy. That joy quadrupled when it was revealed that Lunella Lafeyette, the young Black girl that is the star of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, is the big brain in the Marvel universe.

Credit: Brandon Montclare

The series is a reboot and reimagining of Devil Dinosaur, a comic that focused on the adventures of a dinosaur and his friend Moon Boy. Marvel’s updated series follows the Devil Dinosaur in modern New York as he teams up with Inhuman and super genius, Lunella Lafayette. If you have never read the series, you can pick up the trade, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Vol 1: BFF and I suggest going to your local comic shop to support them, while digging a new series.


Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder, the writers behind Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, shared this news during San Diego Comic-Con. Senior Editor at Marvel, Mark Paniccia, confirmed this information with Buzzfeed news and that this will be revealed when the series returns in October.

“There’s always been a healthy debate about which super-genius is the smartest. Is it Tony Stark? Reed Richards? Victor Von Doom? Hank Pym? Amadeus Cho? The answer is gonna shock the Marvel Universe when it’s revealed to be 9-year-old Inhuman Lunella Lafayette,” said Paniccia.

“In the third arc of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Lunella faces an impossible half-dozen science-challenges that might not only prove her smarts, but also save the world. It’s also going to guest star some of Marvel’s biggest names, too. Hulk, Dr. Strange, the X-Men, The Thing and more.”

I’m loving how The Thing (Ben Grimm) will be guest starring. Hopefully, he finds it hilarious that his best friend is no longer the smartest. Reed is the reason The Thing looks like a pile of rocks and in the comics, he pretty such said that Ben Grimm paid the price for going into space like a man despite Grimm not wanting to go at all. Or maybe, Reed Richards will eff up again, the stretchy man did cause the zombie invasion and screwed over the world with gifted zombies chomping on everyone and Lunella will have to fix his mess because The Thing asks for her help.

Whatever the situation, you rock Lunella and I hope you inspire so many young girls with your brains!

Monica Piluso

Monica Piluso

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