From YouTube Impressionist to ‘Game of Thrones’ Victim – We Chat With Steve Love about His Cameo!

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So yea we are all still SUPER FREAKING HYPED about the “Battle of The Bastards” (read our FULL recap HERE!) but I want to take you back to episode 8, “No One.”

Remember when The Hound was on the hunt for the brothers from the Brotherhood Without Banners? Remember when he came across four brothers and killed them all? Remember the one brother who didn’t know how to kiss a girl and then got a finger up his bum hole? Well that dude, the bum hole dude, is none other than YouTube impressionist, Steve Love!

I wrote about Steve’s AMAZING Game of Thrones impression back in 2014 and I TOTALLY freaked out after seeing him get the honor of being murdered by The Hound.

Pretty much immediately following the episode I asked Steve if he would be down to answering some burning questions I had about the Game of Thrones set, check out our conversation.

Oh, spoilers for season 6 lie below…

AGtM: So how many members of your family, friends, and loved ones did you have to lie to about your Game of Thrones cameo?

SL: Well, I couldn’t really keep it a secret from my family and close circle of friends (going to Europe and all) but I was more than happy to keep my mouth shut and leave it a surprise for my other friends and acquaintances.

AGtM: How did HBO/Game of Thrones approach you about doing a cameo? Was it because they are HUGE fans of your impressions?

SL: After my Kimmel appearance, I got an email from David Benioff and Dan Weiss and apparently they ARE fans of my impressions! Seeing me on Kimmel reminded them of that fact and they asked me if I would be interested in doing a scene on the show. Like they even had to ask.

AGtM: Did anyone ask you to do impressions on set?

SL: A few crew members, yeah. I did an Arya impression for Rory McCann [the actor who plays The Hound] and that got a chuckle from him. It was at the pub the night before and after the shoot that the impressions were really flowing.

AGtM: How did you mentally prepare not only for your part but just to be allowed on set of Game of Thrones? I would be freaking out the whole time!

SL: I think a bigger, more crowded set loaded with principal characters would have freaked me out a bit, but the fact that we were only shooting four guys and a Hound in the woods had me more at ease. I just did my best to handle myself like a professional while at the same time making sure to take it all in and appreciate how ridiculously lucky I am.

AGtM: Did you take and/or steal anything from the set?

SL: No, but I would have loved to take home my severed head! It would have raised a lot of questions from customs officials as I made my way across Western Europe though…

AGtM: Now in real life would you really be a member of the Brotherhood Without Banners?

SL: Depending on my socio-economic background and what side of the war I found myself on, quite possibly. I wouldn’t have been down with slaughtering innocent smallfolk though, as my character presumably was.

AGtM: What is one top-secret thing you can tell about being on the Game of Thrones set?

SL: Rory McCann wears embroidered cotton panties.

JK! Orgasmic omelettes and snacks.

AGtM: You are killed in a classically violent way, what were the special effects like while you were on set?

SL: My decapitation was done with a dummy torso and a separate head, all done up in my likeness. A spurting blood rig was set up either inside the dummy or under its costume, I can’t remember. Rory would knock the head off with his axe and immediately a SFX guy would press a button and the blood would shoot out.

AGtM: In an ideal world how would you want to be killed if you lived in Westeros?

SL: Death from exhaustion after constant sex with Daenerys Stormborn, desperate for an heir with Love blood. Hey, you asked for my ideal death.

AGtM: Will your character be reincarnated? It seems like a season 6 trend to bring back beloved characters?

SL: I know, right? I’m not ruling it out. Get Lady Crane to stitch my head back– oh, wait…

AGtM: Finally, whom do you personally want on the Iron Throne and whom do you think your character would have wanted on the Iron Throne?

SL: My character probably would have wanted himself on the iron throne for all I know. That way he could kiss all the girls and never have to worry about fingers to the bunghole.

I personally believe that the throne belongs to the prince that was promised, Azor Ahai reborn, whose song is that of ice and fire, the one true king of Westeros, Jon Targaryen.

I could not answer that last question better myself!


Jon Snow-Stark-Targaryen, the Prince that Was Promised, forever and always!

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Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9pm on HBO!

Kait Calabrò

Kait Calabrò

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