Preaching About Preacher: Episode Three “The Possibilities”

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The show opens up with a woman, whom we learn is the Dani that Tulip was talking to on the phone last week, complaining about how her husband was eating. Apparently she was hoping it would incentivize Tulip to finally kill her husband but it didn’t work. Dani sighs and takes the package that Tulip is delivering. In return, Dani gives Tulip the last known address of someone. Que flashback of Tulip on a job going wrong. This was the job that ruined her Jesse and that person is going to pay for what they did.

Dani walks into movie theater and sits behind a man in a white suit. We don’t see his face. She gives him the envelope and tells him how great Tulip is at her work.

At the hotel, Fiore and DeBlanc tell that sheriff that they are chasing something that got loose. The sheriff stares at them for a second and then goes into a story about how a man selling in pretzels in a park for years ended up murdering two little kids. To be honest, I didn’t get the point.

The comatose girl’s eyes are open and the mother is beyond thrilled about this as she tells Emily about the Preacher’s visit.

Chris is off to the bus stop when his dad, Donnie, decides to join him to talk to him about squealing to the Preacher. Surprisingly, he doesn’t flip out on his son but rather tells him adults do weird things sometimes. Chris informs his dad that he yelled at a fellow classmate for making of Donnie being beat up by the Preacher. He also lets his dad know that he’s gotten the nickname of Bunny Man, which is quickly taunted at him as the doors to the bus open. During the bus scene, we witness the Preacher’s power as the bus driver asks the little girl that he was obscenely thinking about, what her name is. He really can’t remember who she is.

Cassidy gets awoken at the church by violent pounding on the door. It’s Emily putting him to work. Of course Cassidy gets quickly distracted as he sits to talk to a distressed Jesse.

Tulip gets pulled over by a trooper for going over 100 mph but is able to talk herself out of ticket when she gives the trooper her empassioned speech about being reckless to save someone dear to her. It’s a good thing the trooper had compassion as she was ready to go to plan B and shoot him if needed.

Jesse uses his power on Cassidy to show him what he can now do. One of the commands is admitting a secret and Cassidy has to admit he’s a Justin Bieber fan. Jesse then makes him fly into a wall, which he is apologetic for but Cassidy thinks it’s awesome.

Donnie’s boss, the man in the glasses, is listening to the slaughter of the cows through the intercom. He’s obviously a very creepy man.

Cassidy tries going through theories of what could be happening to the Preacher. Spider bite? Jedi powers? Jesse feels like a blender in his gut and it contains all of God’s creation.

Fiore and DeBlanc are gearing up to rampage the church and wearing all of their best riot gear.

Donnie reads a letter to his boss, the man in glasses, and tries to be aggressive about dealing with another company. His boss puts him in his place by asking him to remove a tray from his desk but since Donnie’s right arm is in a cast, the task proves difficult.  “Right-hand man, no right hand.”

Cassidy is in the bathroom watching something burn.

Tulip meets up with Jesse on the road and they once again fight about his promise to be one of the good guys. She shows him the paper with the last known address, “this is justice.” They flashback to a dead cop and a guy driving away with their money. “Let’s go get, Carlos,” smiles Tulip. This finally pushes Jesse to work with Tulip. Carlos really fucked them up.

Gif via brucewaynie
Gif via brucewaynie

DeBlanc and Fiore try for the church again but Cassidy kills them yet again. This time by running them over with the truck. He goes to get cleaning supplies and doesn’t see a light surround the guys. They are alive again but this time, they tell Cassidy they aren’t here for them. They want the preacher.

At the gas station, Jesse goes into the bathroom where Donnie ends up aiming a gun at the preacher. Jesse uses the voice to stop Donnie from shooting him and makes him put the gun in his mouth. He then realizes what he is about to do and makes him drop it.

Jesse tells Tulip that he has changed his mind and Tulip flips out. She was this close to getting him back on his former track.

DeBlanc and Fiore tell Cassidy the deal, they are from heaven. Ummm, they are some weird ass agents. Cassidy strikes a deal with them and says he’ll be their middle-man. I’m hoping this is Cassidy being a bullshit artist but he does need the money.

At the Sheriff’s home, Arseface tells his dad about the miracle the preacher performed on the girl in the coma.

The show ends with Jesse holding a memorial service for the guy that cut his heart out. I’m assuming it’s because he realized that he caused the death of this man. Sadly, only the assistant Emily is there.

Preacher airs on AMC, Sundays at 9:00pm.

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