This Week in Geek: May 22 – 28, 2016

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Westworld/ Imaga via EW & HBO

CBS released a teaser for the latest Star Trek tv series. (Daily Dot)

Westworld finally gets a premiere date. (EW)


Gillian Anderson responds to James Bond fan campaign. (EW)

Netflix will soon have the entire Disney collection for your streaming pleasure. (Hello Giggles)

Finding Dory gets a new trailer! (EW)


There’s a campaign to get Captain America a boyfriend. (EW)

But with Cap being a Hydra Agent that may have fallen to the wayside…(EW)

Chris Evan’s isn’t a fan of this change either. (EW)

Chewbacca Mom is having the time of her life right now! J.J. Abrams gave her Wookie tips. (TV Line)


This Harry Potter fan theory possibly explains why enrollment was down. (Time)

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Monica Piluso

Monica Piluso

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