Orphan Black Recap: The Scandal of Altruism

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Season 4, Episode 6

While I usually write these recaps in the general order of the episode, this one I will not bury the lead, instead I will address the biggest things from the episode first and work backwards.

Number 1, we have confirmation that Delphine was killed in the Dyad parking garage. In a tense moment with Evie Cho, Cosima, Detective Duko, Kendall Malone, and an explosive container of gas, Cho lays it all out there. It all being her somewhat disdain for the entire clone project from an engineer’s perspective. In the quest for perfection, the Leeda and Castor clones clearly fell short. Not only that, they are “competing technologies”,  a drain of resources and any research of/by them is to be discontinued.  

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Which therefore leads us to number 2; Cho feels that the best plan of action is eliminating the highly sought out original genetic material…Kendall. Her issues with Sibohan were water under the bridge and it seemed like the mother daughter pair were going to be able to have a functional relationship. Earlier on Kendall revealed to S that she has cancer. At this point it is too late for her own recovery, but her diagnosis provides value to the clones since it would allow them to isolate Leeda. In an agreement with Susan Duncan the clones agree to share the research and the original subject. Unbeknownst to them, Cho goes rogue and kidnaps Kendall, who is shot dead by Duko and then set ablaze to incinerate the evidence and all possible DNA.

Number 3: Sarah finally got the bot removed. Before Evie Cho revealed herself to be on the dark side, with the assistance of Cosima, she removed the parasite implant in Sarah’s cheek. Now we can all breathe a little bit easier.


Number 4: We finally have a full connection of the dots as to what caused Beth to kill herself. After an abandoned attempt to kill Susan Duncan, Beth goes back to Cho who informs the clone that she, her family, and her sisters will never be safe as long as she is alive. Not seeing any other solution she chooses to protect those around her in exchange for her own life. 



What else happened?

After finding out that he is less important to Susan than he had hoped (she opted to get just the Leeda half of Kendall’s DNA than none at all), Ira downs a bunch of pills. Suspecting that it was Ira that took Kendall, not knowing it was Cho and Duko, Sarah inadvertently walks into the suicide attempt and rescues him.

Krystal shows up at the police station to make a report. Before anyone realizes her similarity to Beth, Art intercepts her. He brings her back to his apartment and calls Felix for reinforcement. Showing up in awesomely Sherlock-ian threads, Fi decides not to bring Krystal into the clone-know. Instead he feeds her the story that she uncovered a conspiracy of the cosmetic industry and it is best for her to drop it and just live her life.


What’s next?

With Susan Duncan being held captive, the clones don’t really have an immediate enemy. It would appear that the biggest immediate enemy our clones face is Cosima’s sickness. Without her research or any DNA to study, things don’t look very good for finding a cure. Our best bet is that Evie Cho finds Cosima’s brilliant mind useful and helps with her preservation.

Keep up with all of the clone club action Thursday 10pm/9pm central on BBC America.

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