REVIEW: ‘Civil War,’ The ULTIMATE Superhero Movie So Far?…Maybe?

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Box office ratings, proving that superhero films are legit, Marvel is the best, and Captain is the heart and soul of the MCU!

Warning: Spoilers Below!

Okay, I should start off saying that I am wee bit bias because I am a Marvel diehard fan and have not seen a DC film since The Dark Knight but sorry Batman fanboys, Marvel rocks!

For the most part any Marvel fan or just a movie go-er that has seen several MCU films would agree that the Captain America franchise is the strongest within the solo Marvel films. I personally would dare to say that the Captain America films are superior to The Avengers and Age of Ultron and Civil War further proves that the MCU needs Cap which is good because the film did not stick with the big shocking twist that went down in the comic – *cough, cough* Cap dies!

Sure Civil War was f*!king awesome and I LOVED every 2 hours and 27 minutes of the film but it does have some flaws. I know I will get some heat for this but I do believe Winter Solider was a more focused story and film! I also could not help but think how much more epic it would have been if Disney/Marvel Studios owned all the rights to all the Marvel characters but there really is nothing we can do about that. Since I could spend hours writing about Civil War and why you should go see it if you haven’t already, here are the cliffnotes version of my collective thoughts on the latest Marvel film.

Civil War the Best Marvel Love Story Yet.

Civil War

Not only was Civil War the best love story Marvel has ever done but you can even say it was the best love triangle…Tony Stark was totally acting like the teenager who didn’t get asked to prom by their crush!

At the core, Civil War is about protecting Bucky “Winter Solider” Barnes for Captain America. Cap’s children hood friend turned Hydra super solider is always on the mind of Steve since learning that Bucky did not die back in WWII. Steve’s love for Bucky may have even eclipsed what side of The Accords Steve was on – though in my personal opinion Steve would never be down with The Accords, Bucky or no Bucky. Though it would seem that Steve’s true love for Bucky was not something all his Avengers friends were behind. Both Black Widow and Falcon felt that Bucky was affecting Cap’s judgment and Tony Stark was not a fan of Steve’s new bestie.

In the end, I would agree with the Russo brothers, the love that both Steve and Bucky have for each other is the primary focus of this film.

The Evolution of Wanda Maximoff

Civil War

Though, I am still very confused on the age of Wanda and don’t even get me started with that accent – a true triumph of this film is watching the newest Avenger grow.

Scarlet Witch, even back in Age of Ultron, was not only badass but given an emotional storyline, something that does not often happen to supporting superheroes. Wanda Maximoff is not just boobs in a suit in this film. Sure, her killing several civilians kind of kick-starts the whole Accords thing, throughout the film we watch Wanda struggle with what she has done, what side to choose, and how to truly control her abilities.

Iron Man and His Unfortunate Turn of Events

Civil War

Marvel truly likes to make their fans feel sorry for a man that has billions of dollars. Tony Stark has never been more vulnerable than in this film. We see into a young Tony Stark’s family dynamic – no surprise that Tony was a bit of a mama’s boy – learn that Pepper and him are on a “break,” and see a man that is heartbroken and filled with guilt over the amount of destruction he has personally caused.

Though it is fair to say that most of Tony’s decisions made in this film are selfish and come from a place of guilt. Guilt for what happened to that boy who’s mother we see in the beginning of the film and guilt from how he ended things with his parents.

So as much as Cap chooses to fight for Bucky and against Iron Man, Iron Man’s true battle is with his own guilt. In the end, both Cap and Iron Man were right and wrong…so it was a tie…?

Also, I would like to say thank you to Marvel for not making Tony Stark as much of an asshole in the film as he is in the comics!

Goodbye, Margaret ‘Peggy’ Carter

Civil War

Though it should not come to many as a surprise, at 95 years old, Margaret ‘Peggy’ Carter, a founding member of S.H.I.E.L.D and once love of Steve Rodgers passed away. While at Peggy’s funeral, Cap learns that his once neighbor who was actually a S.H.I.E.L.D agent – Sharon Carter – was Peggy’s niece. Though the film did spend much time on the passing of Peggy, her death and Sharon’s speech did leave an impact on Steve and me crying like a baby in the theater.

Though what does this mean for Agent Carter? If the Marvel TV series does not get renewed for a third season, fans will never learn how Peggy and Howard Stark finally found S.H.I.E.LD and more importantly how Sharon is Peggy’s niece if Peggy only had one sibling named Michael who died in WWII?

So Carter fans, was this the honorable send off for a beloved character and can you leave with this being the last we see of her?

The Supporting Cast 

Civil War

Though at moments this film did feel like an Avengers film, it was indeed a Captain America installment. Each member of the supporting cast did play a part, some more important than others, in the film.

Black Widow, totally kicked ass during the film’s opening fight sequence and I, as well as everyone, was overjoyed when she switched teams for a bit. Black Widow fully supporting The Accords felt so wrong.

Hawkeye, there was just enough of him.

Falcon, always a pleasure to watch on screen and I have so much respect for his loyalty to Cap.

Ant-Man, though seemed to be placed in the film just for some comic relief – totally owned that airport battle.

Black Panther, WHAT A BADASS CHARACTER! Loved him, loved it, loved the suit!

Spider-Man, never been a huge Spider-Man fan but I think Marvel may have finally got it right. So happy to know I won’t have to see Uncle Ben die…again!

Truly Captain America’s Story


There was a dip in the story where Iron Man goes off and recruits Spider-Man where the film felt like it was being taken over by Tony Stark but it quickly returned to being a Captain America film.

The best example would be in the film’s final major fight scene between Cap, Bucky, and Tony. The personal, private, and heart wrenching scene had more heart than bite and truly captured everything that the Captain America franchise represents.

No matter what side you were on, Team Cap or Team Iron Man, Steve Rodgers is a true winner in the end. The letter he sends to Tony explaining that in the end they both were wrong and right; rescuing his captive friends; and even helping Bucky find peace; Captain America is as close to a super human you can get. As I said above, Steve “Captain America” Rodgers is the heart and soul of the MCU.

Where Does This Leave Our Beloved Avengers?

civil war

Well, the Avengers are divided and half are considered ‘”criminals” and will go into hiding, probably with the help of Nick Fury if they follow the comic.  And it would seem like it will stay that way until the 2018 release of Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 because the only Avenger that has a solo film between Civil War and Infinity War Part 1 is Thor. Iron Man will appear in the 2017 release of Spider-Man: Homecoming and I would be surprised if we see Black Widow in the 2018 Black Panther solo film.

Bucky went back to being a frozen popsicle and I am not happy.

In a world that is FILLED with action-packed blockbuster films, Civil War delivers more than just car chases, gun fire, and witty dialogue. The film is a collection of emotions that will hit Marvel fans at their core. Watching your favorite characters battle one another is never truly fun but this civil war ended with a deeper connection and understanding of what it truly means to be part of the Avengers. Sure, no one dies – playing it safe – but every Marvel hero is left with deep cuts and lasting scars when the end credits roll. Civil War is everything I personally wished for, it was classic Marvel with so much heart. Was it the perfect superhero movie ever made? I don’t know, but it was damn close.

Captain America: Civil War is currently playing in theaters EVERYWHERE! 

Review overview

Overall Review 9.5
Better than 'Winter Solider 4.5
Emo Bucky 'Winter Solider' Barnes 10
Shirtless Captain America0
Black Widow Kicking Ass 10
Introduction of New Characters 10


Clearly the lack of shirtless Captain America effected the score of this film but I am not going to lie I wanted shirtless Cap damnit! 9.5/10 is the true score!

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