Orphan Black S3 Recap: Clone Club Catch-Up

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Clone Club is back for season 4 this April.

The sestras, brothersestras and others will be moving to Thursday nights – BBC America is freeing up your Saturday nights now until the return of The Doctor. So whether you are already apart of the fandom or new to the saga, I’ll bring you up to speed on the trials and tribulations of season 3.

Do I even need to say, spoilers ahead? 


The biggest question of the season – is Delphine dead?

After pushing Cosima away upon taking over Dyad and becoming the “New Rachel”, she makes a major power-play against Topside to protect the Leeds girls from what happened in Helsinki (all the clones were eliminated). Our favorite Frenchie bids au revoir to Cosima, then is last seen in a parking garage on the ground riddled with bullet holes. Who shot her? We don’t know. It could have been Topside to institute new leadership; the Prolethians who are set out to destroy the abomination that is cloning, or it could have been Shay, Cosima’s new squeeze who might be salty after Delphine almost staged her suicide.


Speaking of dead, in one last heroic gesture for redemption Paul tried to take down as much of the Castor prison base with a self-deployed hand grenade. The objective of helping Sarah escape was achieved, unfortunately Rudy (scar-faced Castor) and Dr. Coady (mother Castor) survived the blast and continued to terrorize the sestras.

Rudy finally met his match in a hand-to-hand combat with Helena, who has been taking no prisoners all season. Things started out rough between Helena and Sarah at the beginning of the season. The misunderstanding of thinking the Ukrainian was traded to Castors willingly by Sarah. Sarah shifted the blame to the one responsible – Mrs. S – and the two had it out, but let bygones be bygones. Helena moved into new digs in the burbs helping Alison and Donnie to settle an issue with the local drug lord. While Alison has an uncanny knack for the business of crime, her counterpart does not have the same acumen, poor Mr. Chubbs. Luckily Helena literally helps slash the competition. Alison wins the election for school board trustee and buys her mother’s business signaling the end of her drug dealing days.

Cosima has had her struggles this season aside from no longer making crazy science with Delphine. After getting the “in order to love all of your sisters equally I can’t be with you” from the new Dyad leader, Cos is pushed into the world of online-dating by Felix, where she meets Shay. Secrets abound the relationship with Shay, the former-military turned holistic healer, Cosima is not sure who she can trust and even resorts to hiding clues from her own sisters. Luckily she has Scott as a confidant and the two try to crack the code for her cure.


Returning from the dead, Rachel lived despite Sarah’s pencil-wielding rage. Since she is the only one who can break Dr. Duncan’s code-riddled copy of the Island of Dr. Moreau, all of the girls must play nice – at least to help get Rachel out of the country. Lest things between Topside and Dyad get more complicated. After stealing the identity of another clone, Rachel thinks she is safely across the pond, but surprise she is in the care/captivity of her own mother, and is now tasked with being responsible for Charlotte (littlest clone).

Sarah is less the protector of her sisters and more Beth-like as she runs around trying to solve the mystery of where the original genetic material comes from. Turns out Mrs. S. was more than just a random foster match, her mother, Kendall Malone, is the original Leda and Castor having two sets of DNA.

I’m not a scientist so I can’t explain how that works, but maybe this can: http://www.britannica.com/topic/chimera-genetics.

The original plan of destroying the original Castor genetic material, what Paul was trying to do, is scrapped when faced with an actual living person. This doesn’t mean there is any love between Siobhan and her mother as we quickly discover Siobhan would be fully down with matricide to avenge her husband. Instead they decide to take her to where Cal and Kira have been hiding all season: a cottage in the tundra.

What about everyone else?

Art and Felix fulfilled their roles as spectacular sidekicks this season. Each dude having great moments as they try to infuse reason in the chaotic storyline.

Turns out the “innocent” Gracie (Ginger Prolethean) is not to be trusted as she is the one responsible for selling out the seestras and causing the coded Wells book to fall into the wrong hands. This is sure to put a divide in her new marriage to Mark (“good” boy clone), since he has finally come around to helping his female counterparts and becoming “buddy, buddy” with Sarah.


Well, that is ALL of the big moments from season 3, now onto season 4 where more clone drama is sure to go down.

Orphan Back returns Thursday, April 14th at 10|9c on BBC America. 

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