New Steven Universe Seasons, Return Date Info Confirmed

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Fans of the wildly popular Cartoon Network series Steven Universe by Rebecca Sugar now have dates to mark on their calendar and plenty of the Crystal Gems to look forward to.

An announcement from Entertainment Weekly a few days ago not only reassured fans that Steven, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl will be around for the foreseeable future but also gave us a release date for the new third season in June.

The show will also be going back to the format of releasing one episode a week, rather than the “Steven Bombs” of several episodes in one stretch that the show had been operating on before. The new episodes will be released through August in what is being referred to as “The Summer of Steven.”

We have also found out that the seasons will be shorter from here on out, although show creator Matt Burnett reassured twitter that this would not affect the show.

Burnett also said that he doesn’t have a specific release date to give right now.

Last season left fans with many unresolved questions, including plenty about the shadowy villain Yellow Diamond. Fan theories have abounded about her, the origin stories of several characters, and when we will see certain characters come back onto the screen.

Previously, two different clips have leaked for the new season, which you can view here and here if you don’t mind spoilers.

In addition, we’ve seen some potential titles and synopses for upcoming episodes, although they’ve since been removed from the Cartoon Network website and are subject to change. Find those on the Steven Universe Wiki, including these three synopses to tide us over:

Super Watermelon Island: “Steven finds out what happened to the Steven-shaped watermelons he created.”

Gem Drill: “Steven and the Gems travel far underground.”

Barn Mates: “Steven helps two friends get along in the family barn.”


Ashley Bles

Ashley Bles

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