‘The X-Files’: New Series Could Address Scully Fan Theory

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Series creator, Chris Carter, hints at long-held theory that Scully might be … immortal?

If you’re a die-hard fan of The X-Files, then this probably won’t be big news to you, but among the legions of loyal Philes, there is one very odd … and strongly held (by some, like me) … theory about one Agent Dana Scully. That the enigmatic Dana Scully is, in fact, immortal.

Follow me for a moment, cause we’re going down the rabbit hole.

Back in the third season of The X-Files, in an episode called “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose”, the agents meet a man who can see how people are going to die. In a moment near the end of the episode, Scully asked Mr. Bruckman to tell her how she dies, and he responds with, “You don’t.”

That’s all well and good. Probably just a throw away moment that could mean a lot of things, especially when you take the afterlife into account. Or alien abduction. Or maybe he was just being polite.

But then there’s season six. During an episode called ‘Tithonus’, Scully is paired with a younger agent to investigate a man who manages to photograph crime scenes before the police get there. Turns out, this man can tell when a person is about to die, and he’s been following those people around because he cannot, himself, die. About a century earlier, he was supposed to die, but when death came for him, he closed his eyes, and his friend next to him died instead. Now he’s doomed to live forever because Death literally passed him by.

At the end of the episode, Scully is accidentally shot by her new partner, and as she lies bleeding to death, the man tells her to close her eyes, and takes her place. Naturally, the fan theories went wild, linking the two scenes together. Thus, Scully cannot die.

There is further speculation into the theory, claiming that Scully’s inability to die is what actually causes the time-loop in the episode ‘Monday’, but there are a lot of other factors at play in that one, so I don’t wholly agree with that part of the theory.

Anyway, it was never really brought up again, and Scully was never really putt into the position to test her immortality for the remaining three episodes and the second movie. Just this week, the Huffington Post asked series creator, Chris Carter, about the theory.

His response? “It’s certainly been suggested, but I can tell you this: Stay tuned for episode 6.”

Tricia Ennis

Tricia Ennis

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