INTERVIEW: 2015 Geekie Award Winner “Frozen is the New Black” Animator Leigh Lahav

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Frozen is the New Black hit YouTube a little over a year ago and currently has over 7 million views along with a trail of press clippings (one even from this site!)!

Now animator, Leigh Lahav aka OnlyLeigh, can now add a Geekie Award to her shelf because the Disney Princesses/Orange is The New Black mash-up took home the 2015 Geekie for Best Trailer/Video! If you recall both Tricia Ennis and I attended the award show out in LA because AGtM was nominated for Best Website/Blog. Yes, we lost but we are not bitter…

Tricia and I briefly met Leigh, as well as her husband and collaborator, Oren, at a pre-party and we were both thrilled when she took home the award for her category. I was able to catch up with Leigh recently and we chatted about The Geekies, Frozen is the New Black, fangirling, and what she has in store for fans. Check out our conversation below…

AGtM: First off, congrats on winning a Geekie Award! What was it like going up on stage and accepting your award?

LL: Thank you! It was genuinely surprising. I was not expecting that. I obviously encouraged viewers and friends to vote at the time but I didn’t really think I had a good chance. Every entry on that category was super solid and surrounded by loving fans. So I had no speech prepared (MISTAKE) and just stood up there talking about how happy I was that I peed before I went up.

AGtM: How did you come up with mashing the world of Disney with the world of Orange in the New Black for your now award-winning short, Frozen is the New Black?

LL: Baahaha, I’m not sure. We kind of just passed around silly ideas of stuff we’ll never ever under no circumstance make ever because they’re way too silly. Somehow we actually managed to develop Frozen is the New Black into a video and here we are!

Frozen is the New Black

AGtM: Animation has always personally blown my mind, what is the process for you to create one of your animated shorts?

LL: You can actually learn more about my process here.

AGtM: Who and/or what influences your creative style?

LL: Good question. It’s a mix between a lot of things I love dearly, on the comedy I’ve been influenced mainly by fast paced, edgy but not insulting humor that has a big heart at its core, with lots of nods and references to pop culture: The Simpsons, The IT crowd, Clone High, Scrubs

When it comes to animation I vary. I do love so many styles, at the end I’m more interested in story and script rather than visuals.

AGtM: You classify yourself as a fangirl, so what fandoms get your geek heart going?

LL: It’s like choosing between my children!!! But quite honestly, it changes from time to time (sorry kids!), right now I’m back to fangirling over Doctor Who since my husband finally agreed to watch seasons 1-4. I miss Tennant terribly!

AGtM: Finally, are there any new shorts you are working on that you can give us a little formation about? Maybe even a sneak peek?

LL: Oh man, don’t do that to me! I feel bad for uploading so rarely lately as it is!! I can just say there’s going to be another collaboration with How it Should Have Ended, we collaborated twice before:

And planning something big for christmas. Stay tuned!

If you would like to keep up to date on all of Leigh’s projects make sure to follow her on Twitter and Tumblr and suscribe to her YouTube channel!

Congrats again Leigh, we will be watching out for more shorts in the future!

Kait Calabrò

Kait Calabrò

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