The Walking Dead “Now” Review

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The Good

Denise Cloyd finally has her a-ha moment, while taking care of her patient and in thanks to Tara, gives her a smooch. Spencer flips out on his fellow Alexandrians when they decide to raid the pantry in desperation. The rest of the townspeople are beginning to understand their reality, which hopefully means they will smarten up.

Rick gets his mack on with Jessie! Also, Deanna has a run-in with a Wolf walker, which fuels her fire to live. She realizes Rick is the best to lead them. But will everyone else go for this?

The Bad

We still don’t know the fate of Glenn and Maggie reveals she is pregnant to Aaron, who helps her in her journey to find her husband. I knew Maggie was going to be pregnant when Talking Dead mentioned “some part of Glenn would show up” but I’m only including this in the bad because it breaks my heart to see Maggie go through this painful not knowing again when she has something to be happy about.

Carl and Ron have a fight over Enid, and it’s obvious Ron is being a sneaky rat when he immediately spills the beans to Rick about Carl’s plans. And then Rick teaches him to shoot, which is probably going to go south.

As Deanna pounds on the gate and walks away, blood can be seen trickling in through the gates…

The Ugly


Monica Piluso

Monica Piluso

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